Personality psychology, 1/e

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By uniquely organizing coverage into six domains of personality functioning (biological, intrapsychic, dispositional, cognitive/experiential, social and cultural, and the adjustment domain) Personality Psychology interweaves contemporary research with classic and modern theories within the context of each of the domains. By adopting this unique framework, authors Randy Larsen and David Buss encourage students to view the 'whole person' as the sum of influences and effects of each of the domains of personality functioning. The newest and most unique option for a personality course, this text brings the subject to life with a vivid, colorful layout - the first personality textbook to incorporate a four-color design.
1 Introduction to Personality Psychology 2 Personality Assessment, Measurement, and Research Design I The Biological Domain 3 Physiological Approaches to Personality 4 Genetics and Personality 5 Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality II The Intrapsychic Domain 6 Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality 7 Psychoanalytic Approaches: Contemporary Issues 8 Motives and the Dynamics of Personality III The Dispositional Domain 9 Traits and Trait Taxonomies 10 Theoretical and Measurement Issues in Trait Psychology 11 Personality Dispositions over Time: Stability, Change, and Coherence IV The Cognitive/Experiential Domain 12 Cognitive Topics in Personality 13 Emotion and Personality 14 Approaches to the Self V The Social and Cultural Domain 15 Interpersonal Aspects of Personality 16 Sex, Gender, and Personality 17 Culture and Personality IV The Adjustment Domain 18 Stress, Coping, Adjustment, and Health 19 Disorders of Personality 20 Summary and Possible Future Directions