Payroll records and procedures (4th ed )

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This package consists of a student text-workbook, practice set, and computerized templates for QuickBooks. The program presents payroll activities and related materials as a single unit and includes a comprehensive practice set that is available separately or shrink-wrapped with the text-workbook. The easy-to-read presentation of topics helps students develop efficient working procedures. Numerous illustrations and examples support content.
Unit 1 Payroll Laws and Regulations Unit 2 New Employee Records Unit 3 Time and Work Records Unit 4 Determining Gross Earnings Unit 5 Determining Payroll Deductions Unit 6 The Payroll Register Unit 7 Employee Earnings Record Unit 8 Paying the Payroll Unit 9 Federal Payroll Taxes and Tax Returns Unit 10 State Payroll Taxes and Tax Returns Unit 11 Payroll Systems Unit 12 Accounting for Payroll