Organizational behavior (10th ed )

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Luthans: Organizational Behavior was the first mainstream organizational behavior text on the market and continues its tradition of being the most current and up to date researched text today. The author, Fred Luthans, is well known in this field, and is the 5th highest Publisher in the Academy of Management Journal. He continues to do research in the area of organizational behavior. This text is aimed at professors who take a research based and conceptual approach to their OB course.
Part 1: ENVIRONMENTAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT 1. Introduction to Organizational Behavior 2. Environmental Context: Information Technology and Globalization 3. Environmental Context: Diversity and Ethics 4. Organizational Context: Design and Culture 5. Organizational Context: Reward Systems Part 2: COGNITIVE PROCESSES OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 6. Perception and Attribution 7. Personality and Attitudes 8. Motivational Needs and Processes 9. Positive Organizational Behavior Part 3: DYNAMICS OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 10. Communication 11. Decision Making 12. Stress and Conflict 13. Power and Politics 14. Groups and Teams Part 4: MANAGING AND LEADING FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE 15. Managing Performance through Job Design and Goal Setting 16. Behavioral Performance Management 17. Effective Leadership Processes 18. Great Leaders: Styles, Activities, and Skills