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Organization development and transformation: managing effective change (6th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Organization development and transformation: managing effective change (6th ed )
Organization Development and Transformation is a paperback collection of 46 readings that focuses on how people function with and within organizations, and how to make the working relationship function best. This edition includes coverage of classic OD articles, coverage of topics such as self-directed teams, centers of excellence, and learning organizations
'New reading! 'Most influential Management books of the 20th Century'
'New reading! 'Shining a New Light on Organizational Change: Improving Self-Efficacy Through Coaching'
PART 1 MAPPING THE TERRITORY 1 What is Organizational Development? Richard Beckhard 2 A History of Organization Development Wendell L. French and Cecil H. Bell, Jr. 3 General Strategies for Effecting Change in Human Systems Robert Chin and Kenneth D. Benne 4 Toward Third-Wave Managing and Consulting Marvin R. Weisbord 5 Organization Development and Transformation Jerry I. Porras and Robert C. Silvers 6 Most Influential Management Books of the 20th Century Arthur G. Bedian and Daniel A. Wren PART 2 FOUNDATIONS OF ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT AND TRANSFORMATION 7 The Field Approach: Culture and Group Life as Quasi-Stationary Processes Kurt Lewin 8 Two-Person Disputes Carl Rogers 9 Intervention Theory and Method Chris Argyris 10 Intergroup Problems in Organizations Edgar H. Schein 11 Organizational Culture Edgar H. Schein 12 Sociotechnical System Principles and Guidelines: Past and Present William M. Fox PART 3 FUNDAMENTAL INTERVENTIONS 13 Methods for Finding Out What's Going On Jack K. Fordyce and Raymond Weil 14 Operation KPE: Developing a New Organization Ishwar Dayal and John M. Thomas 15 When Power Conflicts Trigger Team Spirit Roger Harrison 16 Strategies for Improving Headquarters-Field Relations Robert Blake, Herbert A. Shepard, and Jane S. Mouton 17 Organization Mirror Interventions Wendell L. French and Cecil H. Bell, Jr. 18 The Confrontation Meeting Richard Beckhard 19 Parallel Learning Structures Gervase R. Bushe and A. B. (Rami) Shani 20 Survey-Guided Development: Using Human Resources Measurement in Organizational Change David G. Bowers and Jerome L. Franklin PART 4 CUTTING-EDGE CHANGE STRATEGIES 21 Successful Self-Directed Teams and Planned Change: A Lot in Common Robert A. Zawacki and Carol A. Norman 22 Appreciative Inquiry: The New Frontier Stephen P. Fitzgerald, Kenneth L. Murrell and H. Lynn Newman 23 Future Search: Acting on Common Ground in Organizations and Communities Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff 24 Meeting the Global Competitive Challenge: Building Systems That Learn on a Large Scale Marvin R. Weisbord 25 Centers of Excellence: Empowering People to Manage Change Steven W. Lyle and Robert A. Zawacki 26 Building a Learning Organization David A. Garvin 27 Fast Cycle OD: 'Faster, Better, Cheaper' Catches up to Organization Development Merrill C. Anderson PART 5 IMPLEMENTATION GUIDELINES AND ISSUES 28 Creating Readiness for Organizational Change Achilles A. Armenakis, Stanley G. Harris, and Kevin W. Mossholder 29 Defining a Political Model of Organizations Larry E. Greiner and Virginia E. Schein 30 Functional Roles of Group Members Kenneth D. Benne and Paul Sheats 31 Choosing the Depth of Organizational Intervention Roger Harrison 32 Rules of Thumb for Change Agents Herbert A. Shepard 33 Shining a New Light on Organizational Change: Improving Self-Efficacy Through Coaching John W. Malone PART 6 EXAMPLES AND SPECIAL SITUATIONS 34 Creating Successful Organization Change Leonard D. Goodstein and W. Warner Burke 35 Managing Organizational Transformations: Lessons from the Veterans Health Administration Gary J. Young 36 Innovation in Whole Scale Change: Past, Present and Future Kathleen D. Dannemiller and Sylvia L. James 37 Organization Development in the Entrepreneurial Firm W. Gibb Dyer, Jr. 38 Are Organizational Development Interventions Appropriate in Turnaround Situations? Gregory W. Pacton PART 7 CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE FUTURE 39 An Interview with Peter Vaill Jane Galloway Seiling 40 Ethics and Organizational Change Warren R. Nielsen, Nick Nykodym, and Don J. Brown 41 Powering Up Teams Bradley L. Kirkman and Benson Rosen 42 Managing Discontinuities: The Emerging Challenges C.K. Prahalad 43 Seven Practices of Successful Organizations Jeffrey Pfeffer 44 The New Agenda for Organization Development W. Warner Burke

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