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Organic Synthesis and Molecular Engineering

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Organic Synthesis and Molecular Engineering
With a focus on methods and practices for how to engineer functionality into organic molecules, Organic Synthesis and Molecular Engineering takes a synthesis–oriented approach to organic materials chemistry. Examining how smart, functional organic molecules are rationally designed and prepared, chapters cover: the concepts, molecular building blocks, synthetic tools, molecular electronic, supramolecular chemistry and self–assembly, grapheme, the engineering of photoresponsive materials, applications across both materials and bioorganic chemistry, molecular electronics, energy storage, sensors, drug delivery and nanomedicine, and enzyme engineering.
Acknowledgements vii Contributors ix 1 Introduction 1 Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen 2 Organic Building Blocks for Molecular Engineering 4 Kasper Lincke and Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen 3 Design and Synthesis of Organic Molecules for Molecular Electronics 46 Karsten Jennum and Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen 4 Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene 76 Helena Grennberg 5 H–Bond Based Nanostructuration of Supramolecular Organic Materials 128 Tomas Marangoni and Davide Bonifazi 6 Molecular Systems for Solar Thermal Energy Storage and Conversion 179 Kasper Moth–Poulsen 7 Strategies to Switch Fluorescence with Photochromic Oxazines 197 Erhan Deniz, Janet Cusido, Massimiliano Tomasulo, Mutlu Battal, Ibrahim Yildiz, Marco Petriella, Mariano L. Bossi, Salvatore Sortino, and Françisco M. Raymo 8 Supramolecular Redox Transduction: Macrocyclic Receptors for Organic Guests 213 Sébastien Goeb, David Canevet, and Marc Sallé 9 Detection of Nitroaromatic Explosives Using TTF–Calix[4]pyrroles 257 Karina R. Larsen, Kent A. Nielsen, Jonathan L. Sessler, and Jan O. Jeppesen 10 Recognition of Carbohydrates 284 Martina Cacciarini 11 Cyclodextrin Based Artificial Enzymes: Synthesis and Function 305 Christian Marcus Pedersen and Mikael Bols 12 Organozymes: Molecular Engineering and Combinatorial Selection of Peptidic Organo and Transition Metal Catalysts 333 Morten Meldal 13 Dendrimers in Biology and Nanomedicine 361 Jørn Bolstad Christensen 14 Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry 393 Brian Rasmussen, Anne Sørensen, Sophie R. Beeren, and Michael Pittelkow Index 437

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