Organic chemistry : a brief course 3/e

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This text is aimed at a one-term course taken by allied health and agricultural science students. It includes annotated reaction summary tables, solved in-chapter examples, integrated applications (industrial, medical, etc.) and essays that describe organic chemistry's impact on the economy, environment, and the quality of life.
1 Chemical Bonding 2 Alkanes and Cycloalkanes 3 Alcohols and Alkyl Halides 4 Alkenes and Alkynes I: Structure and Preparation 5 Alkenes and Alkynes II: Reactions 6 Aromatic Compounds 7 Stereochemistry 8 Nucleophilic Substitution 9 Free Radicals 10 Alcohols, Ethers, and Phenols 11 Aldehydes and Ketones 12 Carboxylic Acids 13 Carboxylic Acid Derivatives 14 Amines 15 Carbohydrates 16 Lipids 17 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins 18 Nucleic Acids 19 Spectroscopy