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Optical Networks, 1999 Design and Modelling / IFIP TC6 Second International Working Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling (ONDM'98) February 9-11, 1998 Rome, Italy IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology Series, Vol. 19

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : de Marchis Giancarlo, Sabella Roberto

Couverture de l’ouvrage Optical Networks
Optical network design and modelling is an essential issue for planning and operating networks for the next century. The main issues in optical networking are being widely investigated, not only for WDM networks but also for optical TDM and optical packet switching. This book contributes to further progress in optical network architectures, design, operation and management and covers the following topics in detail:
  • Routing strategies and algorithms for optical networks;
  • Network planning and design;
  • Wavelength conversion and wavelength assignment in optical networks;
  • Technologies for optical networks (transport, access and local area networks);
  • Transmission aspects in wide area optical networks;
  • New paradigms for traffic modelling.

This book contains the selected proceedings of the Second International Working Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling, which was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), and held in February 1998, in Rome, Italy.
This valuable new book will be essential reading for personnel in computer/communication industries, and for academic and research staff in computer science and electrical engineering.
Preface. Optical Network Design and Modeling II. Acknowledgements. Part One: Routing Algorithms for Optical Networks. Restoration Methods for Multi-Service Optical Networks; A. Jukan, A. Monitzer. Performance Evaluation of Photonic Networks Under Dynamic Traffic Conditions; J. Spaeth, S. Bodamer. Part Two: Wavelength Conversion and Assignment. Devices for All-Optical Wavelength Conversion and Spectral Inversion; A. Mecozzi. Where to Locate Wavelength Conversion in WDM Networks? M. Garnot, P.A. Perrier. Wavelength Assignment in WDM Networks - A Comparison of Approaches; B. Mikac, et al. Part Three: Optical Technologies for Local and Access Networks. An Optically Transparent Ultra High Speed LAN-ring Employing OTDM; K. Bengi, et al. Efficient Multi-Hop Scheduling Algorithms for All-Optical WDM/TDM Broadcast-and-Select Networks with Arbitrary Transceiver Tuning Latencies; M.A. Marsan, et al. Analysis of Wirless Broadband Systems Employing Optical Fiber Links; M. Pallini, R. Sabella. Part Four: Transmission in Optical Transport Networks. Impact of Transmission Performances on Path Routing in All-Optical Transport Networks; M. Berdusco, et al. Electral Dispersion Compensation for 10 Gbit/s Transmission Systems: Simulation Results; S. Otte, W. Rosenkranz. Part Five: Transmission in Optical Transport Networks II. Modelling of System Impairments Due to Four Wave Mixing in Dispersion Shifted Links of Having non Uniform Zero-Dispersion Wavelength; E. Ciaramella. Investigation on the Capacities of Optically Amplified Transmission Systems in Geographic Networks; F. Matera, et al. Part Six: Traffic Modeling. Self-Similarity in Wide-Area Network Traffic; M. Isopi. The Impact of the Hurst Parameter on Queueing Performance Using Chaotic Sequences; E. Costamagna, et al. Performance Analysis of a Single Server Queue Loaded by Long Range Dependent Input Traffic; G. Garroppo, et al. Part Seven: Advanced Topics in Optical Networks. ATM and Optics; P. Boffi, et al. Designing Physical Topologies for Wavelength-Routed All-Optical Networks; D.R. Hjelme, S.E. Andersen. Digital Chaos Synchronization in Optical Networks; A. Gonzales-Marcos, J.A. Martin-Pereda. Index of Contributors.

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