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Optical network engineering, 1st ed. 2019 Modeling, Analysis, and Techniques

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This book provides the foundation of optical network communication and optical traffic engineering while highlighting the theories behind the development of new concepts and techniques capable of providing better resource reservation and allocation. It also addresses issues related to Quality of Service provision, satisfaction management, and optical network and data protection. It discusses methods for an efficient control and planning. The book also develops optical TCP/IP networking-related theory for more effective IP traffic control and management.Developed models and techniques address, particularly, optical buffering, grooming, switching, survivability, and security. Various engineering techniques are also presented in details (along with useful examples) for traffic management, resource allocation, active component protection and network planning.This book will help engineers needing to achieve optical network engineering tasks including resource allocation, QoS provision, and network planning.It is highly useful for graduate students starting their first steps in research and needing to learn a well established discipline.The book presents a formal framework allowing to show how mathematical theories can be used to provide optical communication modeling and measurable control of active optical components.This book delves into the current state of the art and can be used as a handbook for different classes at the graduate level and the undergraduate level. It presents a large picture that discusses the QoS provision in general and the formal aspects allowing a good control of resources including buffering, in particular.Additionally, the book covers:the impact of quality of service requirements and does not develop the aspects related optical buffering, and planning.issues such as security, quality of service provision and the switching techniques.modeling and QoS provision.
Introduction to Optical Networking.-Fundamentals of Optical Communication.-Mathematics for Optical Networking.-Switching.-Wavelength Assignment.-Routing.-Optical Buffering.-Grooming in Optical Networks.-TCP/IP Over Optical Networking.-Protecting Techniques.-Survivability of Optical Networks.-Security of Optical Networks.-Call Admission Control in Optical Networks.-Quality of Service Provision.-Optical Network Planning.

Comprehensive introduction to issues related to optical network engineering

Addresses issues of switching, routing and signaling in optical and all optical networks

Develops a theoretical framework for optical traffic engineering, resource allocation, and QoS provision in optical networks

Highlights the major aspects of optical network engineering including protection, traffic control, and planning

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Ouvrage de 490 p.

15.5x23.5 cm

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