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This exciting new text answers two prevalent needs for a "business focused" operations management text that fully employ the use of technology, primarily the Internet. OperationsNow.com is the first operations management text to make full use of the power of Internet. Through the use of current articles, new feeds, tours and more, this text delivers to students the most current and relevant information available in the operations management industry. Students using this text evaluate operations management functions as they happen in the world around them, making this most current, applicable and innovative operations management resource available.
1. Introduction to Operations Management 2. Financial Return 3. Value 4. Cost Minimization 5. Quality 6. Timeliness 7. Competitiveness 8. Demand 9. Inventory 10. People 11. Suppliers 12. Processes 13. Capacity 14. Just-in-Time 15. Total Quality Management 16. Theory of Constraints 17. Supply Chain Management