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Operations management with student cd-rom (2nd ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Operations management with student cd-rom (2nd ed )
Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts and Cases, Second Edition is an ideal book for the lecturer who wishes to use a short text with cases. This book employs a crossfunctional perspective, making it appealing to non-majors and practical for use in an MBA level course in operations management. The cases offer variety in length and rigor, with several of which are from Harvard and Darden. This variety makes the book appropriate for both undergraduates and MBA students. The student CD-ROM, which is packaged with the book, is an interactive learning tool and brings the material to life.
Part 1: Introduction 1. The Operations Function 2. Operations Strategy 3. Product Design Part 2: Process Design 4. Process Selection 5. Service Process Design 6. Choice of Technology 7. Process-Flow Analysis Part 3: Quality 8. Managing Quality 9. Quality Control and Improvement Part 4: Capacity and Scheduling 10. Supply Chain Management 11. Forecasting 12. Facilities and Aggregate Planning 13. Scheduling Operations 14. Project Scheduling Part 5: Inventory 15. Independent- Demand Inventory 16. Materials Requirement Planning 17. Just-in-Time Systems Part 6: Case Studies Introduction Shipper Manufacturing Company FHE, Inc. Process Eastern Gear, Inc. National Bicycle Industrial Company PlasTech, Inc. Field Service Division of DMI Quality Bayfield Mud Company Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance Federal Express The Thawed Hungarian Catfish Capacity and Scheduling Merriwell Bag Company Lawn King, Inc. World Industrial Abrasives Sport Obermeyer, LTD P.M. Parts Division Inventory Consolidated Electric Southern Toro Distributor.Inc. U.S. Stroller Toys Plus, Inc.

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