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On top of the cloud: how cios leverage new technologies to drive change and build value across the enterprise (hardback) How CIOs Leverage New Technologies to Drive Change and Build Value Across the Enterprise Wiley CIO Series

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Couverture de l’ouvrage On top of the cloud: how cios leverage new technologies to drive change and build value across the enterprise (hardback)

Praise for On Top of the Cloud

"21st-century CIOs have a dual responsibility: driving down costs and creating new business value. Managing this seeming dichotomy is the domain of top business executives everywhere, and CIOs everywhere are learning to step it up. The original research contained in Hunter"s book serves as a practical road map for IT strategy in today"s ultra-competitive markets."*Randy Spratt, EVP, CIO, and CTO, McKesson Corporation

"This is a thoughtfully written book, and the timing is perfect. Hunter really understands the challenges confronting transformational CIOs in today"s markets, and he captures the choices they face as they work to create value for their organizations while driving down the costs of doing business in the modern world. The wealth of information contained in this book makes it truly valuable to career IT leaders and future CIOs alike."*Mark Polansky, Senior Client Partner and Managing Director, Information Technology Center of Expertise, Korn/Ferry International, North America

"The cloud involves more than just technology. It"s really more of a new business model. Hunter grasps the central truth about cloud computing, and that"s why this is a valuable book. Hunter understands the issues and conveys them in a conversational tone that is truly refreshing."*Dave Smoley, SVP and CIO, Flextronics International

"You may think this is a book about technology, well it"s not. It"s a book about leadership, packed with stories about real leaders finding new customers and markets, transforming the way their organizations work, and adding value*with the next generation of technology as the enabler. The cloud holds real potential. Read this book to see how top CIOs are positioning their companies."*Tony Leng, Managing Director, Diversified Search

"Hunter has the unique ability to distill the best thinking of world-class CIOs into something you can act on. If you are a technology executive trying to find the right balance between generating business value and managing IT costs, this is the right book for you. On Top of the Cloud will be especially useful for transformational CIOs tasked with developing their company"s strategies for technology-driven business growth."*Randy Krotowski, CIO, Global Upstream, Information Technology, Chevron Corporation





A New Business Model

"Thoughtfully Progressive"

Part I: Transformational Leadership

Chapter 1: The Rising Tide

The CIO as Rock Star

Real Stories, From Real IT Leaders

Learning from Listening

More than Technology

The Real Challenge is Organizational

Leadership is Essential

Chapter 2: IT Does Matter

Stay Focused on Delivering Value

Replacing the Perpetual Pendulum

Driving the Innovation Agenda

It"s All a Question of Perspective

Chapter 3: The Engine of Innovation

Bringing Innovation to the Surface

Incentivizing Innovation

Chapter 4: Finding the Right Balance

Winds of Change

The Third Bucket

The Closer

Outside versus Inside

Articulating the Value of Technology

Chapter 5: The Customer-Focused CIO

Top Line or Bottom Line?

Driving Business Growth

The Rapid Enabler

Own, Rent or Both?

Chapter 6: Multiple Models

Also Consider the User Experience

To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap

A Skunk Works in the Cloud

Weaving the Seamless Tapestry

Part II: Driving Change

Chapter 7: In Front of the Firewall

Avon Calling

When the Model Fits

Chapter 8: The New Speed of Change

Updating the Mental Model

Innovation under Pressure

The Cloud on Wheels

Campaigning in the Cloud

Part III: Building Value

Chapter 9: Pushing the Envelope

Two Sides of the Same Coin

A Multiplicity of Clouds

Turn of the Tide

Chapter 10: Entering the Cloud

Governance is Fundamental to Success

Due Diligence

Taking "No" off the Table


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