On the edge: out of the blue

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On the Edge is a new high interest reading series that engages students with stories in three broad categories:
  • Supernatural/Paranormal
  • True crime
  • Unexplainable events

Each story came from popular news and are true accounts of human experiences and eye witnesses. Selections include topics about out-of-body experiences, alien abductions, excaped killers, strange outbreaks of diseases, and much more. The stories range from 800 to 900 words and conclude with comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking activities. Each selection also provides tools for recording and calculating reading speed. This series was developed at a 4 - 6 reading level.

Out of the Blue

Ever looked up into the sky and seen something that was unexplainable? You neven know what kind of danger exists in the vast open space of the skies. Out of the Blue features stories about UFOs, powerful lightening strikes, and comets close to Earth.

A Teacher's Guide is also available!

On the Edge Series

  • In Your Dreams
  • They Walk Among Us
  • Out of the Blue
  • Against the Odds
  • Scared Stiff