Objects have class!

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Objects Have Class!: An Introduction to Programming with Java is intended for the CS1 course on computer programming. It assumes no prior programming skills and takes an intuitive, user-friendly approach to getting students started writing their own object-oriented programs. The philosophy the book espouses is that programming ought to be fun. In keeping with this, the author uses a graphically driven presentation to quickly engage the student. The graphical approach facilitates a very early introduction to the definition and use of objects, so students have the opportunity to work from within an object-oriented paradigm for the entire semester. The author's conversational style and pedagogically sound presentation combine with his graphical approach to produce an innovative and attractive invitation to learning basic programming skills.
1 Computers, Programs, and Java 2 Writing Programs 3 Getting Started 4 Variables, Expressions, and Assignment 5 Defining and Creating Multiple Objects 6 Interacting Objects and Events 7 Making Decisions 8 Program Testing 9 Simple Class Extension 10 Repetition 11 Arrays 12 Application Programs 13 Input and Output 14 Graphical User Interface Classes 15 Class Hierarchies 16 Abstract Data Types and Linked Data Structures 17 Introduction to Recursion Appendix A Java Reserved Words Appendix B Java Primitive Types Appendix C The Java Development Kit Appendix D The Animator