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Non-Formal Education, 2005 Flexible Schooling or Participatory Education? CERC Studies in Comparative Education Series, Vol. 15

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Non-Formal Education
The Comparative Education Research Centre (CERC) at the University of Hong Kong is proud and privileged to present this book in its series CERC Studies in Comparative Education. Alan Rogers is a distinguished figure in the field of non-formal education, and brings to this volume more than three decades of experience. The book is a masterly account, which will be seen as a milestone in the literature. It is based on the one hand on an exhaustive review of the literature, and on the other hand on extensive practical experience in all parts of the world. It is a truly comparative work, which fits admirably into the series Much of the thrust of Rogers' work is an analysis not only of the significance of non-formal education but also of the reasons for changing fashions in the development community. Confronting a major question at the outset, Rogers ask why the terminology of non-formal education, which was so much in vogue in the 1970s and 1980s, practically disappeared from the mainstream discourse in the 1990s and initial years of the present century. Much of the book is therefore about paradigms in the domain of development studies, and about the ways that fashions may gloss over substance.
The Context.- The Development Context: The Call for Reorientation.- The Educational Context: The Call for Reform.- The Great Debate.- The Advocates: Constructing Non-Formal Education.- Ideologues.- Empiricists.- Pragmatists.- The End of the Debate.- Some Issues Arising from the Literature.- Case Studies.- NFE Today: The Trajectory of Meanings.- Towards A New Logic Frame.- Re-Conceptualising Non-Formal Education.- Conclusion.

Alan Rogers is an international expert in adult education and learning, with wide experience in Asia and Africa. He is the author of Teaching Adults, of Adults Learning for Development, and of What is the Difference? A new critique of adult learning and teaching. He was formerly Executive Director of Education for Development at the University of Reading, UK. He is currently Visiting Professor at the Universities of Nottingham and East Anglia, and Convener of Uppingham Seminars in Development.

This volume is of direct relevance to current debates about education and the future

Coincides with current concerns to involve private (non-state) agencies more and more in the delivery of education

Covers the field comprehensively

Is based on wide experience in the files as teacher, researcher and policy-maker

Is written in practical straightforward language

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