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Thème de Neurotrauma

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A comprehensive work in the field of neurotrauma and critical care. The book incorporates the fields of head injury, spinal injury and basic neurotrauma research into one source. The major emphasis is on the treatment of patients with head and spinal cord injury.

Part 1: Head Injury. Overview. Early Care. Imaging Techniques. Operating Room Management. Management of Associated Injuries. ICU Management. Therapeutic Interventions. Monitoring and Treatment. Complications and Sequelae. Outcome From Head Injury. Rehabilitation. Special Groups. Clinical Trials in Head Injury. Organizational Aspects of Neurotrauma.
Part 2: Spinal Cord Injury. Overview. Biomechanics. Early Care. Imaging Techniques. Operating Room Management. Monitoring and Treatment. Therapeutic Agents. Complications and Sequelae. Rehabilitation. Special Groups.
Part 3: Basic Research. Experimental Spinal Cord Injury Models.