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Neurobiology of Brain Disorders Biological Basis of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Zigmond Michael J., Coyle Joseph T., Rowland Lewis P.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Neurobiology of Brain Disorders

Neurobiology of Brain Disorders is the first book directed primarily at basic scientists to offer a comprehensive overview of neurological and neuropsychiatric disease. This book links basic, translational, and clinical research, covering the genetic, developmental, molecular, and cellular mechanisms underlying all major categories of brain disorders. It offers students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers in the diverse fields of neuroscience, neurobiology, neurology, and psychiatry the tools they need to obtain a basic background in the major neurological and psychiatric diseases, and to discern connections between basic research and these relevant clinical conditions.

This book addresses developmental, autoimmune, central, and peripheral neurodegeneration; infectious diseases; and diseases of higher function. The final chapters deal with broader issues, including some of the ethical concerns raised by neuroscience and a discussion of health disparities. Included in each chapter is coverage of the clinical condition, diagnosis, treatment, underlying mechanisms, relevant basic and translational research, and key unanswered questions. Written and edited by a diverse team of international experts, Neurobiology of Brain Disorders is essential reading for anyone wishing to explore the basic science underlying neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases.

  • Links basic, translational, and clinical research on disorders of the nervous system, creating a format for study that will accelerate disease prevention and treatment
  • Covers a vast array of neurological disorders, including ADHD, Down syndrome, autism, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, TBI, Parkinson, Huntington, Alzheimer, OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia, depression, and pain
  • Illustrated in full color
  • Each chapter provides in-text summary points, special feature boxes, and research questions
  • Provides an up-to-date synthesis of primary source material

1. An Introduction: A Clinical Neuroscientist and Disorders of the Brain  Section I: Developmental Disorders 2. Introduction 3. Developmental Disabilities and Metabolic Disorders 4. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 5. Down Syndrome: A Model for Chromosome Abnormalities 6. Autism Spectrum Disorder 7. Rett Syndrome: From the Involved Genes to Treatment 8. Fragile X-associated Disorders Section II: Diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System 9. Introduction 10. Myasthenia Gravis 11. Muscular Dystrophy 12. Peripheral Neuropathies and Guillain-Barré Syndrome 13. Diabetes and Its Consequences Section III: Diseases of the Central Nervous System and Neurodegeneration 14. Introduction 15. Spinal Cord Injury 16. Traumatic Brain Injury 17. Epilepsy 18. ALS and Related Motor Neuron Disorders (Including Spastic Paraplegia) 19. Parkinsonian Syndromes 20. Huntington Disease 21. Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias 22. Cerebrovascular Disease 23. Prion Disease Section IV: Infectious and Immune–mediated Diseases Affecting the Nervous System 24. Introduction 25. Inflammation in Neurological Disease 26. Inflammation in Psychiatric Disease 27. Infectious Diseases of the Nervous System 28. AIDS 29. Autoimmune Neurological Disorders: Idiopathic and Paraneoplastic 30. Multiple Sclerosis Section V: Diseases of Higher Function 31. Introduction 32. Disorders of Higher Cortical Function 33. Disorders of Frontal Lobe Function 34. Stress 35. Addictions 36. Sleep Disorders, Narcolepsy, and Restless Leg Syndrome 37. Anxiety Disorders and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 38. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 39. The Neurobiology of Schizophrenia 40. Bipolar Disorders 41. Pain 42. Headache and Migraine 43. Depression and Suicide Section VI: Diseases of the Nervous System and Society 44. Introduction 45. Ethical Issues that Emerge from Research (Basic) 46. Burden of Neurological Disease 47. Stress, Race, and Health Disparities

Advanced students and in neuroscience (molecular/cellular, behavioral, systems, cognitive, theoretical/computational, and developmental), neurobiology, neurology, and psychiatry, as well as neuroscience faculty, researchers, and postdoctoral fellows interested in becoming more involved in clinically related research

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