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Money and capital markets: financial institutions and instruments in a global marketplace (9th ed )

Langue : Anglais

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Money and Capital Markets 9/e by Peter Rose and Milton Marquis provides a thorough and comprehensive view of the whole financial system. All the major types of financial institutions and financial instruments present today are discussed, along with how and why the system of money and capital markets is changing. Money and Capital Markets also provides a descriptive explanation of how interest rates and security values are determined. It discusses the current and future trends of the globalization of financial markets, the ongoing consolidation of the financial institutions' sector, and recent efforts to protect consumer privacy in the financial services field.
Part One - The Global Financial System in Perspective
Chapter 1 - Functions and Roles of the Financial System in the Global Economy
Chapter 2 - Financial Assets, Money, Financial Transactions, and Financial Institutions
Chapter 3 - The Financial Information Marketplace
Chapter 4 - The Future of the Financial System and the Money and Capital Markets
Part Two - Interest Rates and the Prices of Financial Assets
Chapter 5 - The Determinants of Interest Rates: Competing Ideas
Chapter 6 - Measuring and Calculating Interest Rates and Financial Asset Prices
Chapter 7 - Inflation and Deflation, Yield Curves, and Duration: Impact on Interest Rates and Asset Prices
Chapter 8 - The Risk Structure of Interest Rates: Defaults, Prepayments, Taxes, and Other Rate-Determining factors
Chapter 9 - Interest-Rate Forecasting and Hedging: Swaps, Financial Futures, and Options
Part Three - The Money Market and Central Banking
Chapter 10 - Introduction to the Money Market and the Roles Played by Governments and Security Dealers
Chapter 11 - Commercial Banks, Major Corporations, and Federal Credit Agencies in the Money Market
Chapter 12 - Roles and Services of the Federal Reserve and Other Central Banks Around the World
Chapter 13 - The Tools and Goals of Central Bank Monetary Policy
Part Four - Financial Institutions: Organization, Activities, and Regulation
Chapter 14 - The Commercial Banking Industry: Structure, Products, and Management
Chapter 15 - Nonbank Thrift Institutions: Savings and Loans, Savings Banks, Credit Unions, and Money Market Funds
Chapter 16 - Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Investment Banks, and Other Financial Firms
Chapter 17 - Regulation of the Financial Institutions' Sector
Part Five - Governments and Businesses in the Financial Marketplace
Chapter 18 - Federal, State, and Local Governments Operating in the Financial Markets
Chapter 19 - Business Borrowing: Corporate Bonds, Asset-Backed Securities, Bank Loans, and Other Forms of Business Debt
Chapter 20 - The Market for Corporate Stock
Part Six - Households in the Financial Marketplace
Chapter 21 - Consumer Lending and Borrowing
Chapter 22 - The Residential Mortgage Market
Part Seven- The International Financial System
Chapter 23 - International Transactions and Currency Values
Chapter 24 - International Banking
Money and Capital Markets Dictionary

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Ouvrage de 800 p.

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