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Molecular pathogenesis of gastrointestinal infections (FEMS Symposium n° 58), 1991 F.E.M.S. Symposium Series, Vol. 58

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Wadström T., Mäkelä P. Helena, Svennerholm A.M., Wolf-Watz H.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Molecular pathogenesis of gastrointestinal infections (FEMS Symposium n° 58)
The proceedings of a symposium held by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies in Helsingor, Denmark, September 1990. The 48 papers consider how microbes, including parasites, colonize and infect the gastrointestinal tract, from the perspectives of microbiology, cell and molecular biology, and immunology. They focus on the strategies b
The Mucosal Surface.- The Enterocyte and Its Brush Border.- Characteristics of the Recognition of Host Cell Carbohydrates by Viruses and Bacteriac.- Structure and Properties of Rat Gastrointestinal Mucins.- The Role of Large Intestine Mucus in Colonization of the Mouse Large Intestine by Escherichia coli F-18 and Salmonella typhimurium.- Germfree Animals Intestinal Glycoconjugates and Colonization.- Bacterial Glycosidases and Degradation of Glycoconjugates in the Human Gut.- The Parasite.- The Clone Concept and Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC).- Genetics of Histone-Like Protein H-NS/H1 and Regulation of Virulence Determinants in Enterobacteria.- Regulation of Expression of Fimbriae of Human Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli.- Function and Molecular Architecture of Escherichia coli Adhesins.- Newly Characterized Putative Colonization Factors of Human Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli.- Molecular Biology of Escherichia coli Type 1 Fimbriae.- Intestinal Colonization by Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli.- Diffuse Adherence of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Strains.- Enterotoxigenic Organisms.- Intracellular Mechanisms Regulating Intestinal Secretion.- Cholera Toxin: Assembly, Secretion and In Vivo Expression.- Heat-Stable Enterotoxins Produced by Enteric Bacteria.- Molecular Analysis of Potential Adhesions of Vibrio cholerae 01.- Shigella Toxin and Related Proteins — Translocation to the Cytosol and Mechanism of Action.- Vero Cytotoxins (Shiga-Like Toxins) of Escherichia coli.- Structure and Function of Clostridium difficile Toxins.- On the Cytotoxic Modes of Action of Clostridium difficile Toxins.- Invasive Organisms.- Salmonella as An Invasive Enteric Pathogen.- Experimental Salmonellosis in Retrospect and Prospect: 1990.- Colonization of the Murine Gastrointestinal Tract by Salmonella typhimurium.- Plasmid Encoded Virulence of Yersinia.- Interactions of Yersinia with Collagen.- Thermoregulation of Invasion Genes in Shigella flexneri Through the Transcriptional Activation of the virB Gene on the Large Plasmid.- Association of Invasive Shigella Strains with Epithelial Cells.- Haemagglutinating Shigellae.- Molecular Pathogenesis of Giardia lamblia: Adherence and Encystation.- The Pathogenic Mechanisms of Helicobacter pylori — A Short Overview.- Superficial Components of Helicobacter pylori, in Relation to Adherence to Epithelial Cells.- Polymerase Chain Reaction and Other DNA Based Diagnostics of Enteric Infections.- Detection of Virulence Determinants in Enteric Escherichia coli Using Nucleic Acid Probes and Polymerase Chain Reaction.- DNA Probes and PCR Analysis in the Detection of Clostridium difficile and Helicobacter pylori.- Vaccine Development.- The Development of Genetically Defined Live Bacterial Vaccines.- Development of an Oral Vaccine Against Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Diarrhea.- Poster Session.- Comparison of Virulence Factors in Different Freshly Isolated Strains of Entmaoeba histolytica.- A System for Production and Rapid Purification of Large Amounts of the Shiga Toxin/Shiga-Like Toxin B Subunit.- Expression and Possible Biological Functions of Curli on Infantile Diarrhoea Escherichi coli Isolates.- Studies on Heat-Stable Enterotoxin Type II (STII or STb) from Escherichia coli.- Immune Response to Vibrio cholerae Infection in Rabbits with Special Reference to Antibodies Against In Vivo Specific Antigens.- Expression of Type 1 Fimbriae by Escherichia coli F18 in the Streptomycin-Treated Mouse Large Intestine.- Flagellar Components of Helicobacter pylori.- The Influence of Intestinal Mucus on Plasmid Encoded Adhesion and Surface Hydrophobicity of Yersinia enterocolitica.- The Binding of Bacteria Carrying CFAs and Putative CFAs to Rabbit Intestinal Brush Border Membranes.- Factors Contributing to the Persistence of Escherichia coli in the Human Large Intestinal Microflora.- The Role of Piglet Intestinal Mucus in the Pathogenicity of Escherichia coli K88.

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