Modern physics

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This new modern physics text is designed for the one-term sophomore/junior-level course taken by science and engineering students. Blatt includes information on the use of radioisotopes in medicine, archaeology, and industry, NMR imaging in medicine, applications of superconductivity, nuclear accelerators and radiation detectors, and semiconductor devices.
1 The Theory of Special Relativity: The Lorentz Transformation 2 The Theory of Special Relativity: Relativistic Dynamics 3 The General Theory of Relativity 4 Roots of the Quantum Theory 5 The Bohr-Rutherford Nuclear Atom 6 The Wave Nature of Particles 7 The Schr'dinger Equation 8 The Schr'dinger Equation in Three-Dimensions: The Hydrogen Atom 9 Intrinsic Spin of the Electron 10 Molecular Structure and Molecular Spectra 11 Statistical Physics 12 Solid State Physics I: Structure of Crystalline Solids and Electron Energy Bands 13 Solid State Physics II: Electronic Properties 14 Nuclear Physics I: Properties of Nuclei 15 Nuclear Physics II: Radioactivity and Nuclear Reaction 16 Instrumentation for Nuclear Research 17 Elementary Particles Appendixes A: The Fundamental Physical Constants B: Table of Isotopes C: Nobel Laureates in Physics Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems