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Microwave De-embedding

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Microwave De-embedding

This groundbreaking book is the first to give an introduction to microwave de-embedding, showing how it is the cornerstone for waveform engineering. The authors of each chapter clearly explain the theoretical concepts, providing a foundation that supports linear and non-linear measurements, modelling and circuit design. Recent developments and future trends in the field are covered throughout, including successful strategies for low-noise and power amplifier design. This book is a must-have for those wishing to understand the full potential of the microwave de-embedding concept to achieve successful results in the areas of measurements, modelling, and design at high frequencies.

With this book you will learn:

  • The theoretical background of high-frequency de-embedding for measurements, modelling, and design
  • Details on applying the de-embedding concept to the transistor’s linear, non-linear, and noise behaviour
  • The impact of de-embedding on low-noise and power amplifier design
  • The recent advances and future trends in the field of high-frequency de-embedding

  • Presents the theory and practice of microwave de-embedding, from the basic principles to recent advances and future trends
  • Written by experts in the field, all of whom are leading researchers in the area
  • Each chapter describes theoretical background and gives experimental results and practical applications
  • Includes forewords by Giovanni Ghione and Stephen Maas

Foreword by G. Ghione Foreword by S. Maas About the Editors Authors Biographies 1. A Clear-Cut Introduction to the De-embedding Concept: Less is More by G. Crupi, D. Schreurs and A. Caddemi 2. Millimeter-Wave Characterization of Silicon Devices under Small-Signal Regime: Instruments and Measurement Methodologies by G. Dambrine 3. Characterization and Modeling of High-Frequency Active Devices Oriented to High-Sensitivity Subsystems Design by E. Limiti, W. Ciccognani, and S. Colangeli 4. High-Frequency and Microwave Electromagnetic Analysis Calibration and De-embedding by J. Rautio 5. Large-Signal Time-Domain Waveform-Based Transistor Modeling by I. Angelov, G. Avolio, and D. Schreurs 6. Measuring and Characterizing Nonlinear Radio-Frequency Systems by W. Van Moer, L. Lauwers, and K. Barbe 7. Behavioral Models for Microwave Circuit Design by J. Pedro, and T. Cunha 8. Electromagnetic-Analysis-Based Transistor De-embedding and Related Radio-Frequency Amplifier Design by M. Yarlequé, D. Scheurs, B. Nauwelaers, D. Resca, and G. Vannini 9. Nonlinear Embedding and De-embedding: Theory and Applications by A. Raffo, V. Vadalà, and G. Vannini

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Ouvrage de 416 p.

19.1x23.5 cm

Disponible chez l'éditeur (délai d'approvisionnement : 14 jours).

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