Microprocessors and interfacing : programming and hardware (IBM version / 2nd ed' 92 / Paper)

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With a focus on the Intel 8086 family of microprocessors that are used in the IBM PCs, Microprocessors and Interfacing teaches students the programming, system connections, and interfacing of microprocessors and their peripheral devices in detail. This detailed study gives students the foundation of knowledge they need to learn about other microprocessors on their own. The text begins with a brief introduction to computer hardware that leads to an in-depth look at how microprocessor-based computers are programmed to do real tasks. These chapters cover assembly language programming of 8086-based systems. Latter portions of the text discuss all aspects of interfacing, including bus architecture, microcomputer interfaces with input/output devices and systems, A/D and D/A conversion, and operating systems. The use of microprocessor development hardware (including the IBM PC and SDK-86) and study of actual examples of microprocessor-controlled industrial systems are emphasized. Throughout the text, the emphasis is on writing assembly language programs in a top-down, structured manner.
Computer Number Systems, Codes, and Digital Devices Computers, Microcomputers, and Microprocessors'An Introduction 8086 Family Assembly Language Programming'An Introduction Implementing Standard Program Structures in 8086 Assembly Language Strings, Procedures, and Macros 8086 Instruction Descriptions and Assembler Directives 8086 System Connections, Timing, and Troubleshooting 8086 Interrupts and Interrupt Service Applications Digital Interfacing Analog Interfacing and Industrial Control DMA, DRAMS, and CACHE memories Coprocessors and EDA Tools C, A High-Level Language for System Programming Microcomputer System Peripherals Data Communications and Networks The 80286, 80386, and 80486 Microprocessors