Microelectronics (2nd Ed. ISE)

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Very successful introductory electronics book. Features include effective pedagogical use of second color, flexible organization, devices fully covered in one place so that circuit characteristics are developed early. Hallmarks of the previous edition, such as breadth and depth of coverage, current and practical information, and coordination of the physical understanding of electronics with a theoretical, mathematical basis, have been retained.

Part 1 Semiconductor Devices 1 Semiconductors 2 The pn Junction Diode 3 Bipolar Junction Transistors 4 Field-Effect Transistors 5 Integrated-Circuit Fabrication
Part 2 Digital Ciruits and Systems 6 Basic Logic (Digital) Circuits 7 Combinatorial Digital Circuits 8 Sequential Circuits and Systems 9 Very Large Scale Integrated Systems
Part 3 Amplifier Circuits and Systems 10 Basic Amplifier Stages at Low Frequencies 11 Frequency Response of Amplifiers 12 Feedback Amplifiers 13 Stability and Response of Feedback Amplifiers 14 Operational-Amplifier Characteristics
Part 4 Signal Processing and Data Acquisition 15 Waveform Generators and Waveshaping 16 Signal Conditioning and Data Conversion
Part 5 Large-Signal Electronics 17 Power Circuits and Systems Appendix A Constants and Conversion Factors Appendix B Semiconductor Manufacturers and Device Specifications Appendix C Summary of Network Theory Appendix D Problems Appendix E Answers to Selected Problems