MGH circuite encyclopedia and troubleshooting guide vol. 3

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This volume includes over 700 new circuits commonly used in all phases of electronics. In addition to details on component values, there are descriptions on how the circuits operate and where they fit into electronic systems. Included is a practical guide for testing and troubleshooting circuits.
IC Amplifier Circuits. Switching Power-Supply Circuits. Linear-Supply and Voltage-Reference Circuits. Battery-Power and Micropower Circuits. Oscillator/Generator Circuits. Digital/Microprocessor Circuits. Voltage/Frequency and Frequency/Voltage Circuits. Comparator Circuits. Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog Circuits. Temperature Indicator/Controller Circuits. Filter Circuits. Video Circuits. Audio Circuits. Special Applications for Digital/Analog Converters. 3- and 3. 3-V Circuits (Portable Computer).