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Methods in mammary gland biology and breast cancer research, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2000

Langue : Français

Coordonnateurs : Ip Margot M., Asch Bonnie B.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Methods in mammary gland biology and breast cancer research
This book is a bench manual that provides in one volume all the important and unique technologies necessary to studies of mammary gland biology and breast cancer. The chapters are written by experts in each area with an emphasis on nitty-gritty details that are key points for the successful use of a method. Sections include in vivo model systems, special techniques for in vivo studies, in vitro model systems, and molecular analysis and gene transfer techniques.
Preface. Section 1: In vivo model systems. 1. Mouse models for mammary cancer, D. Medina. 2. Methods for the induction of mammary carcinogenesis in the rat using either 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene or 1-methyl-1-nitrosourea, H.J. Thompson. 3. A comparison of the salient features of mouse, rat and human mammary tumorigenesis, D. Medina, H.J. Thompson. 4. Xenograft models of human breast cancer cell lines and of the MCF10AT model of human preneoplastic, proliferative breast disease, F.R. Miller, G.H. Heppner. 5. Implantation and characterization of human breast carcinomas in SCID mice, Y. Xu, et al. Section 2: Special techniques for in vivo studies. 6. The cleared mammary fat pat and the transplantation of mammary gland morphological structues and cells, L.J.T. Young. 7. Preparing mammary gland whole mounts from mice, S.B. Rasmussen, et al. 8. Slow-release pellets (Elvax) for localized in situ treatments of mouse and rat mammary tissue, G.B. Silberstein, C.W. Daniel. 9. Intramammary delivery of hormones, growth factors and cytokines, B.K. Vonderhaar, E. Ginsburg. 10. Hormonal stimulation of the mouse mammary gland, D. Medina, F. Kittrell. Section 3: In vitro model systems. 11. Collagen gel method for the primary culture of mouse mammary epithelium, W. Imagawa, et al. 12. Chemical carcinogen induced transformation of primary cultures of mouse mammary epithelial cells grown inside collagen gels, R.C. Guzman, et al. 13. Establishment of mouse mammary cell lines, D. Medina, F. Kittrell. 14. Whole organ culture of the mouse mammary gland, E. Ginsburg, B.K. Vonderhaar. 15. Working with the mouse mammary end bud, C.W. Daniel, G.B. Silberstein. 16. Isolation and culture of normal rat mammary epithelial cells, K.M. Darcy, et al. 17. Characterization of normal human breast epithelial cell subpopulations isolated by fluorescence-activated cell sorting and their clonogenic growth in vitro, J. Stingl, et al. 18. Isolation and culture of human breast cancer cells from primary tumors and metastases, S.P. Ethier, et al. Section 4: Molecular analysis and gene transfer techniques. 19. mRNA in situ hybridization in the mammary gland, S. Weber-Hall, T. Dale. 20. Application of in situ PCR to studies of the mammary gland, R.C. Hovey, B.K. Vonderhaar. 21. Transfection of primary mammary epithelial cells by viral and non viral methods, M. Li, et al. 22. Direct gene transfer into the mammary epithelium in situ using retroviral vectors, T.A. Thompson, M.N. Gould. 23. Intraductal injection into the mouse mammary gland, D.-A. Nguyen, et al. 24. Adenoviral and transgenic approaches for the conditional deletion of genes from mammary tissues, K.-U. Wagner, et al. 25. Transplantation and tissue recombination techniques to study mammary gland biology, G.R. Cunha, et al. 26. Rescue of mammary epithelium of early lethal phenotypes by embryonic mammary gland transplantation as exemplified with insulin receptor null mice, G.W. Robinson, et al.

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