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Medieval europe: a short history, 9/e

Langue : Anglais

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For more than three decades, C. Warren Hollister nurtured this classic text of Medieval European History. The text was profoundly marked by his clear historical vision and engaging teaching style. Now Judith Bennett has updated this classic book while striving to lose neither Dr. Hollister's vision nor style. In his preface to the eighth edition, Professor Hollister wrote of his fateful realization, while in college, that our world today "is a product of the medieval past." The Ninth Edition of Medieval Europe: A Short History seeks to introduce today's students to the medieval roots of our own society. Building on the solid foundation created by Dr. Hollister, New co-author Judith Bennett brings expanded coverage of women's history, social and cultural history, the role of the the common man and woman of the Middle Ages, and the history of the Late Middle Ages to this revision.
Introduction Part 1:The Early Middle Ages: The Birth of Europe Introduction 1Rome Becomes Christian 2The Waning of the Western Empire 3Byzantium Endures 4Early Western Christendom 5The Ascent of Islam 6Carolingian Europe 7Division, Invasion, and Reorganization Part 2:The Central Middle Ages: Reform, Revival, and Expansion Introduction 8Economic Takeoff and Social Change 9New Paths to God 10Conquests, Crusades, and Persecutions 11Worlds in Collision: Papacy and Holy Roman Empire 12States in the Making: England and France 13Literature, Art, and Thought Part 3:The Later Middle Ages: Crisis and Creativity Introduction 14Famine, Plague, and Recovery 15Toward the Sovereign State 16Diversity and Dynamism in Late Medieval Culture Appendix: Popes and Monarchs of Medieval Europe

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