Mathematical elements for computer graphics (paperback) (2nd Ed.)

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Thème de Mathematical elements for computer graphics (paperback)

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This text is ideal for junior-, senior-, and graduate-level courses in computer graphics and computer-aided design taught in departments of mechanical and aeronautical engineering and computer science. It presents in a unified manner an introduction to the mathematical theory underlying computer graphic applications. It covers topics of keen interest to students in engineering and computer science: transformations, projections, 2-D and 3-D curve definition schemes, and surface definitions. It also includes techniques, such as B-splines, which are incorporated as
Part of the software in advanced engineering workstations. A basic knowledge of vector and matrix algebra and calculus is required.
1 Introduction to Computer Graphics 2 Two-Dimensional Transformations 3 Three-Dimensional Transformations 4 Plane Curves 5 Space Curves 6 Surface Description and Generation Appendixes Computer Graphics Software Matrix Algebra Pseudocode B-Spline Surface File Format Problems Programming Projects Algorithms