Mastering instrument flying, 3rd edition (paper)

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The Psychology of Instrument Flight. Mastery of Instrument Flight in 20 Lessons. Preparing for an Instrument Flight. Weather/Whether to Fly? How to Get a Good Weather Briefing. Airplane, Instrument, and Equipment Checks. Clearances and Communications. Basic Instruments. Turns, Climbs, and Descents. VOR Procedures. Holding Patterns. Stalls, Unusual Attitudes, and Partial Panel. The NDB Unmasked. Approaches I: Approach Basics and NDB Approaches. Approaches II: VOR, DME, and GPS. Approaches III: ILS, Localizer, and Radar. Putting It All Together: The Long IFR Cross-Country. Getting the Most Out of the Instrument Written Exam. Stress Can Spoil Your Whole Day. How I Conduct an Instrument Flight Test. Moving On and Up. Instrument Rating Syllabus. Apepndices: A: The Instrument Pilot's Professional Library. B: FAR Excerpts. C: Glossary.