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Massage Mastery From Student to Professional LWW Massage Therapy and Bodywork Educational Series

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Massage Mastery
This comprehensive introductory massage text is organized into 24 chapters that cover the key areas addressed in massage programs of 500 to 1200 hours in length. Topics inside the chapters are structured to allow for manageable reading assignments that build a student’s sense of accomplishment and motivation. Written and designed for today's adult learner, the book offers a broad discussion of foundation massage with appropriate depth for a beginning student progressing to an entry-level professional. It also contains new topics that are necessary to prepare today’s adult learners for successful massage careers. (Note: It does not cover anatomy and physiology, as A&P is best thoroughly covered in a separate textbook.) A helpful appendix on health care terminology, a comprehensive massage glossary, and a robust set of ancillary materials complete the package. The companion Study Guide contains topic-specific Rubrics, Learning Contracts, and a variety of exercises and activities for students.
Part I: Theory-Focused Topics

Massage from Past to Present
Topic 1-1: The History of Massage
Topic 1-2: Overview of Techniques, Systems, and Approaches
Topic 1-3: Contemporary American Massage

Massage Equipment and Environmental Considerations
Topic 2-1: Massage Equipment
Topic 2-2: Lubricants
Topic 2-3: Creating a Comfortable Massage Environment

Sanitation, Hygiene, and Safety
Topic 3-1: Disease
Topic 3-2: Preventing the Transmission of Disease
Topic 3-3: Universal Precautions
Topic 3-4: The Safety Plan

The Therapeutic Nature of Massage
Topic 4-1: Evidenced-Based Massage
Topic 4-2: Massage Effects and Benefits
Topic 4-3: Massage Indications
Topic 4-4: Understanding Stress and Wellness

Massage Cautions & Contraindications
Topic 5-1: Areas of Caution
Topic 5-2: Medications and Massage
Topic 5-3: Massage Contraindications

Ethics & the Law
Topic 6-1: Ethics
Topic 6-2: Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
Topic 6-3: Massage Law

The Therapeutic Relationship
Topic 7-1: The Power of Touch
Topic 7-2: Psychological Factors in the Therapeutic Relationship
Topic 7-3: Boundaries and the Therapeutic Relationship
Topic 7-4: Bodymind Factors in a Therapeutic Relationship
Topic 7-5: Managing Emotions in the Therapeutic Relationship

Professional Communication
Topic 8-1: Core Concepts in Communication
Topic 8-2: Communication Blockers
Topic 8-3: Active Communication
Topic 8-4: Conflict Resolution

Your Massage Career
Topic 9-1: Your Career Plan
Topic 9-2: Work as an Employee
Topic 9-3: Starting a Private Practice


Foundation Skills for Therapeutic Massage
Topic 10-1: Overview of a Wellness Massage Session
Topic 10-2: Positioning
Topic 10-3: Draping
Topic 10-4: Opening and Closing the Massage

Body Mechanics and Self Care
Topic 11-1: Prepare for the Demands of a Massage Career
Topic 11-2: Good Body Mechanics
Topic 11-3: Self-Care on the Job

Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Documentation for Wellness Massage
Topic 12-1: Assessment for a Wellness Session
Topic 12-2: Palpation
Topic 12-3: Session Planning for Wellness Massage
Topic 12-4: Introduction to Documentation

Swedish Massage Techniques
Topic 13-1: Effleurage
Topic 13-2: Petrissage
Topic 13-3: Friction
Topic 13-4: Vibration
Topic 13-5: Tapotement
Topic 13-6: Joint Movements
Topic 13-7: Putting it all Together

Seated Massage
Topic 14-1: Introduction to Seated Massage
Topic 14-2: Seated Massage Techniques

Spa Therapies and Other Approaches
Topic 15-1: Spa Therapies
Topic 15-2: Aromatherapy
Topic 15-3: Reflexology
Topic 15-4: Stone Massage

Topic 16-1: Introduction to Hydrotherapy
Topic 16-2: Hydrotherapy Benefits and Effects
Topic 16-3: Hydrotherapy Applications

Eastern Approaches
Topic 17-1: Asian Bodywork Therapies
Topic 17-3: Ayurvedic Bodywork

Energetic Approaches
Topic 18-1: Key Concepts in Energy Medicine
Topic 18-2: Reiki
Topic 18-3: Polarity Therapy
Topic 18-4: Therapeutic Touch

Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Documentation for Healthcare Massage
Topic 19-1: Healthcare Sessions and the Intake Process
Topic 19-2: Pain Assessment
Topic 19-3: Posture and Gait Assessment
Topic 19-4: Range-of-Motion Assessment
Topic 19-5: Treatment Planning for Healthcare Massage

Myofascial and Deep Tissue Approaches
Topic 20-1: Myofascia
Topic 20-2: Myofascial Techniques
Topic 20-3: Deep Tissue Approaches

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Approaches
Topic 21-1: Key Concepts in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Approaches
Topic 21-2: Neuromuscular Therapy

Musculoskeletal Injury and Massage
Topic 22-1: Factors in Musculoskeletal Injury
Topic 22-2: The Inflammatory Response
Topic 22-3: Understanding Common Musculoskeletal Injuries

Massage for Chronic Pain Conditions and Selected Pathologies
Topic 23-1: Understanding Pain
Topic 23-2: Fibromyalgia
Topic 23-3: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Topic 23-4: Osteoarthritis
Topic 23-5: Headaches
Topic 23-6: Cancer
Topic 23-7: HIV/AIDS

Massage for Special Populations
Topic 24-1: Massage for Athletes
Topic 24-2: Massage for Mother and Infants
Topic 24-3: Massage for Older Adults
Topic 24-4: Massage for Obesity
Topic 24-5: Massage for People with Disabilities
Topic 24-6: Massage for End-of-Life Care

Appendix A: Health Care Terminology
Appendix B: References

Anne Williams is a licensed massage therapist, esthetician, certified reflexologist, clinical hypnotherapist, registered counselor, aromatherapist, spa consultant, author, and educator. She is director of education for Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), where she develops support materials and resources for massage students, instructors, schools, and professional members.

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