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Marketing Your Event Planning Business A Creative Approach to Gaining the Competitive Edge

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Practical, prescriptive advice on successfully marketing your event planning business Recent years have been tough on the event planning industry. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, economic downturns, wars, and SARS have all negatively impacted the business. There are fewer corporate dollars dedicated to travel budgets and special events, creating even more pressure on businesses in an already highly competitive industry. This book tells you all you need to know to market your business and build your client base in good times and bad. Marketing Your Event Planning Business shows you how to gain a competitive advantage by setting yourself apart from the competition, pursuing new markets, and soliciting sales. It covers all the vital topics in event planning marketing, including how to diversify your client base, develop niche markets, improve your customer service, establish emergency business plans, and much more. Ideal for event planners, marketing managers in the industry, and professionals in the hospitality, culinary, or travel industries Includes actionable advice on successfully marketing an event planning business Features illustrative examples, practical tips, and useful checklists and other resources Marketing Your Event Planning Business is packed with practical tips and examples, giving you creative new ways to showcase your talents, build your business, and bring added value to your clients.
Acknowledgements xv Preface xvii Part 1: Marketability 1 Chapter 1:Making Yourself Marketable 3 Target Your Talents 4 Distinguish Yourself and Your Company 10 Manage Your Reputation 16 Chapter 2:Acquiring Areas of Expertise 19 1. Business Development 28 2. Creative Design 30 3. Event Management 32 4. On–Site Production 34 5. Acquiring Expertise 35 Chapter 3:Creating Your Niche 51 Meeting a Need 53 Specialty Market 56 Income Driven 59 Emotional Hot Buttons 62 Specialized Expertise 64 Part 2: Market Development 67 Chapter 4:Defining Your Objective—Who Is Your Client? 69 Visualization 72 Research 74 Development 75 Planning 75 Execution 77 Reconciliation 77 Chapter 5:Targeting Your Talents 81 Matching Your Talents to Your Advance 85 Chapter 6:Customizing Customer Service Requirements 99 Expectation 102 Excel 104 Embrace 105 Enlighten 107 Educate 109 Enrich 111 Energize 112 Excite 113 Environment 115 Employees 116 Efficiency 118 Evaluate 120 Ethics and Etiquette 122 Part 3: Marketing Endeavors 125 Chapter 7:Marketing to Your Audience 129 Lots of Energy 130 A Platform 132 A Strong Hook 134 Sharp Focus 135 Marketing Opportunities 136 Chapter 8:Soliciting Sales: Innovative Ideas 147 Creating Sales Opportunities in Unconventional Ways 150 Bring About an Emotional Response 153 Captivating a Client with Creative Concepts 158 Chapter 9:The Value of Diversification 161 Widening Your Existing Client Base 164 Expanding Your Market 167 Generating New Income Sources 169 Chapter 10: Going Out on Your Own— Costs and Benefits 175 Personal and Professional Independence 176 Financial Freedom 177 Unlimited Authority 178 Costs and Benefits of Going Out on Your Own 179 Conclusion 205 Appendix A:Leading Internationally Recognized Industry Certifications 209 Appendix B:Industry Associations and Councils 215 Appendix C:Industry Magazines, Books, Online Publications and Resources 219 Appendix D:Industry Conferences, Congresses, Trade Shows and Award Shows 223 Appendix E:Sample Creative Concepts 225 Sample A: Concept for Corporate Event 225 Sample B: Concept for a Fundraising Event 229 Sample C: Concept for a Theme Event 235 Index 241

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