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There are several approaches to teaching marketing research. You could present the big picture and context first, and then break down the overall process into its parts. Or, you could start with techniques and build each into a phase of the overall process until at the end the overview is known. This book takes the approach that each student needs an overview first in order to appreciate the nuances and details of the specific techniques they will be asked to employ to develop high quality information. This belief led to the development of the text in four parts. The first part presents the overview, while parts 2, 3 and 4 provide the details on methodologies and techniques.
Part 1: Introduction to Marketing Research
1. The Role of Research in Marketing
2. The Marketing Research Industry
3. Thinking Like a Researcher
4. The Marketing Research Process: An Overview
5. Clarifying the Research Question Through Secondary Data and Exploration
6. The Marketing Research Request and Proposal Process
7. Ethics in Marketing Research
Part 2: The Design of Marketing Research
8. Design Strategies
9. Qualitative Research
Appendix 9A: Creative Legacy of Qualitative Research
10. Observational Studies
11. Survey Data Collection Methods
12. Experiments and Test Markets
Appendix 12A: Complex Experimental Designs
Part 3: The Sources and Collection of Data
13. Measurement
14. Measurement Scales
15. Surveys and Instruments
Appendix 15A: Pretesting Options and Discoveries
16. Basic Sampling Concepts
17. Determining Sample Size
Part 4: Discovering Insights: Analysis and Presentation of Data
18. Data Preparation and Description and Exploration
19. Exploring, Displaying, and Examining Data
20. Hypothesis Testing
21. Measures of Association
22. Multivariate Analysis: An Overview
Appendix 22A: MindWriter and
23. Presenting Insights and Findings: Written and Oral Reports
A. Focus Group Discussion Guide
B. Direct Marketing Association Information Security Guidelines
C. Nonparametric Significance Tests
D. Selected Statistical Tables
References and Readings
Credits and Acknowledgments