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Managing change: text and cases (2nd ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Managing change: text and cases (2nd ed )
Managing Change: Text and Cases, 2nd Edition, by Todd Jick and Maury Peiperl is a thoroughly revised version of a well-received volume on the scholarship of change in organizations. It is comprised of six modules that introduce common threads in the ensuing case studies and readings on organizational change. Of the 48 items in this book, 31 are new to this edition. The module introductions have been thoroughly revised, one modular introduction (Module 6, Continuous Change) is brand new.
Introduction MODULE 1 Forces for Change Case Conspiracy of Change at Intuit [Fast Company, 1998, with revisions/additions] Reading 'An Improvisational Model for Change Management: The Case of Groupware Technologies' [Stanford Management Review] Case Changing the Culture at British Airways [Harvard Business School] Case British Airways Update, 1991-2000 Reading 'Re-energizing the Mature Organization,' Richard W. Beatty and David O. Ulrich Case Clifford Chance: International Expansion [INSEAD] Reading (TBD) MODULE 2 Envisioning Change Introduction: Changing the Game Case Beta and Psi Reading 'The Vision Thing (A)' [Harvard Business School collection] Change Classic Case Bob Galvin and Motorola, Inc. (A) [Harvard Business School] Reading 'Organizational Change' [Stanford Management Review] 'From Bogged Down to Fired Up: Inspiring Organizational Change,' Bert A. Spector [Sloan Management Review] Case Chris Galvin and Motorola, Inc. [Business Week] Reading 'Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change' [Harvard Business Review] Case Charlotte Beers at Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide (A) [Harvard Business School] Reading 'The Time is Ripe for Unorthodox Newcomers: An Interview with Gary Hamel' [CEO Magazine] MODULE 3 Implementing Change Introduction Change Classic Case Peter Browning and Continental White Cap (A) [Harvard Business School] Reading 'Implementing Change' [Harvard Business School collection] Case Alcatel Bell [INSEAD] Reading 'Organizational Frame Bending: Principles for Managing Reorientation,' David A. Nadler and Michael L. Tushman [Academy of Management Executive] Case Leading Culture Change at Seagram (A) [Center for Executive Development] Reading 'Why Change Programs Don't Produce Change' [Harvard Business Review] Reading 'Managing Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances: Creating an Effective Transition Structure' [Organizational Dynamics] Case Leading Culture Change at Seagram (B) Simulation EIS Simulation User's Guide Case Revolution at Oticon A/S (A) [IMD] Reading 'United in the Quest to Become Radical' [Financial Times] MODULE 4 The Recipients of Change Introduction Change Classic Case Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc. (A) [Harvard Business Schoo] Reading 'The Recipients of Change' [Harvard Business School collection] Case Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc. (D) [Harvard Business School case study] Case Wellcome Israel (A) [London Business School] Reading 'Back to Square Zero: The Post-Corporate Career' [Organizational Dynamics] Case Portraits of a survivor/thriver and a victim of downsizing [London Business School] Simulation Broadway Brokers MODULE 5 Leading Change: The Personal Side Introduction Case Walt Disney's Dennis Hightower: Taking Charge [Harvard Business School] Case Dennis Hightower: Walt Disney's Transnational Manager [Harvard Business School] Reading 'Bob Knowling's Change Manual' [FastCompany] Case Three in the Middle: The Experience of Making Change at Micro Switch [Harvard Business School] Reading 'Converting Middle Powerlessness to Middle Power: A Systems Approach,' Barry Oshry [National Productivity Review] Case Fire Starters at PWC [Fast Company] Reading 'The Enduring Skill of Change Leaders' [Kanter, Jossey-Bass] MODULE 6 Continuous Change Introduction Case Northwest Airlines Confronts Change [Harvard Business School case study] Reading 'Change, Stability and Renewal: The Paradoxes of Self-Organizing Systems' Margaret Wheatley [from Leadership and the New Science] Case Singapore Airlines [INSEAD] Case British Airways Update, 1991-2000 [London Business School] Reading 'Pardoxes of Self-Organizing Systems' [Berrett-Koehler] Reading 'Cracking the Code of Change' [Harvard Business Review] Case Nigel Andrews and General Electric Plastics [Harvard Business School] Reading 'GE's Move to the Internet' [Internet World] Reading 'A Jack Welch Disciple Finds the GE Mystique Only Takes You So Far' [Wall Street Journal] Reading 'Unlocking the Mystery of Effective Large-Scale Change' [At Work]

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