Management with olc and powerweb (11th ed )

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Rue/Byars: Management: Skills and Application, 11e is a short, value-priced paperback which presents the fundamentals of management principles to undergraduate students. It continues its tradition of presenting principles of management in a very straightforward and accessible manner focusing on skills that are needed to become a successful manager.
SECTION I FOUNDATIONS Chapter 1 Introduction to Management Chapter 2 The Management Movement Chapter 3 Developing Communication Skills Chapter 4 Decision-Making Skills SECTION II PLANNING SKILLS Chapter 5 The Basics of Management and Strategic Management Chapter 6 Operations Management and Planning Chapter 7 Ethics and Global Issues SECTION III ORGANIZING AND STAFFING SKILLS Chapter 8 Organizing Work Chapter 9 Organization Structure Chapter 10 Understanding Work Teams Chapter 11 Staffing Chapter 12 Developing Employees and Managers SECTION IV DIRECTING SKILLS Chapter 13 Motivating Employees Chapter 14 Developing Leadership Skills Chapter 15 Managing Conflict and Stress Chapter 16 Managing Change and Culture SECTION V CONTROLLING SKILLS Chapter 17 Controlling Chapter 18 Appraising and Rewarding Performance Chapter 19 Operations Control SECTION VI CONTEMPORARY ISSUES Chapter 20 Legal, Ethical and Social Responsibilities of Management Glossary