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Management with olc (7th ed )

Langue : Anglais

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Bateman and Snell have consistently discussed and explained the traditional, functional approach to management through planning (delivering strategic value), organizing (building a dynamic organization), leading (mobilizing people), and controlling (learning and changing). Management: Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World retains its series of "firsts": first to have a chapter on diversity, first to devote a section to the natural environment, and first to relate a "bricks and clicks" theme to explain the challenges of managing in a New Economy. This new edition is no exception with an emphasis on leadership and collaboration as a means to success. To survive competition and thrive in today¿s world, you must perform in ways that give you an edge over your competitors. Four essential performance dimensions - cost, quality, speed, and innovation - when well done, deliver value to the customer and competitive advantage to students and their employers. In the new Seventh Edition of Management, Bateman and Snell go a step further to discuss the advantages of leadership and collaboration as two essential means to these four "bottom line" practices that successful managers and companies must deliver to their customers. This leadership and collaboration theme is the key to successful management. People working with one another, rather than against, is essential to competitive advantage. By reinforcing these new business practices in context with the functional approaches, the authors deliver a unique theme among all principles of management texts - how to manage, lead, and collaborate in ways that deliver results.

Part 1: Foundations of Management

CHAPTER 1. Managing

Appendix A: The Evolution of Management

CHAPTER 2. The External Environment and Organizational Culture

CHAPTER 3. Managerial Decision Making

Part 2: Planning and Strategy

CHAPTER 4. Planning and Strategic Management

CHAPTER 5. Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Appendix B: The Caux Round Table Business Principles of Ethics

Appendix C: Managing in Our Natural Environment

CHAPTER 6. International Management

CHAPTER 7. Entrepreneurship

Appendix D: Information for Entrepreneurs

Part 3: Organizing: Building a Dynamic Organization

CHAPTER 8. Organization Structure

CHAPTER 9. Organizational Agility

CHAPTER 10. Human Resource Management

CHAPTER 11. Managing the Diverse Workforce

Part 4: Leading: Mobilizing People

CHAPTER 12. Leadership

Appendix E: Classic Contingency Models of Leadership

CHAPTER 13. Motivating for Performance

CHAPTER 14. Teamwork

CHAPTER 15. Communicating

Part 5: Control and Change

CHAPTER 16. Managerial Control

CHAPTER 17. Managing Technology and Innovation

Appendix F: Operations Management in the New Economy

CHAPTER 18. Managing and Creating Change

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