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Management with cd, olc and powerweb (2nd ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Management with cd, olc and powerweb (2nd ed )
Management 2nd Edtion, by Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy, is an exciting all-new take on principles of management. Ask your incoming students what 'management' is, and they'll talk about the kind of management they know from their own work experience. Managers assign people their hours, they give raises or promotions, they tell people what job to do'the manager, in other words, is 'the boss.' In most other work settings, however, management means something far more important and complex. In addition to people, managers also manage performance, processes, relationships, and more increasingly in today's world, deal with the pressure and flux of constant change. This, coupled with the fact that workplaces have steadily become less hierarchical and more team- and group-driven, means the traditional responsibilities of the manager have gradually been dispersed throughout the organization. Management, 2nd Edition, prepares your students to join a new kind of workplace, one where management is everyone's business and provides many in-text and CD-ROM applications to emphasize this approach.
PART ONE: OVERVIEW 1 Management and Its Evolution PART TWO: THE CULTURE OF MANAGEMENT 2 Managing in a Global Environment 3 Managing Social Responsibility and Ethics 4 Managing Organizational Culture and Change PART THREE: MANAGEMENT STRATEGY AND DECISION MAKING 5 Managing the Planning Process 6 Decision Making 7 Strategic Management 8 Entrepreneurship and Innovation PART FOUR: ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT 9 Managing the Structure and Design of Organizations 10 Human Resource Management 11 Managing Employee Diversity PART: FIVE LEADERSHIP IN MANAGEMENT 12 Motivation 13 Leadership 14 Managing Teams 15 Managing Communication PART SIX: CONTROL 16 Management Control 17 Operations Management 18 Managing Information Systems

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