Management information systems for the information age with cd and olc (5th ed )

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Chapters cover what instructors want students to know about MIS. Extended Learning Modules (XLM) show students what they can do with MIS. The instructor controls the mix by picking the chapters and XLMs to cover. A contemporary writing style and a wealth of examples engage students like no other MIS text.
Chapter One: The Information Age in Which you Live: Changing the Face of Business Extended Learning Module A: Computer Hardware and Software Chapter Two: Strategic and Competitive Opportunities: Using IT for Competitive Advantage Extended Learning Module B: The World Wide Web and the Internet Chapter Three: Database and Data Warehouses: Building Business Intelligence Extended Learning Module C: Designing Databases and Entity-Relationship Diagramming Chapter Four: Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence Extended Learning Module D: Decision Analysis with Spreadsheet Software Chapter Five: Electronic Commerce: Strategies for the New Economy Extended Learning Module E: Network Basics Chapter Six: Systems Development: Steps, Tools, and Techniques Extended Learning Module F: Building a Web Page with HTML Chapter Seven: IT Infrastructures: Business-Driven Technology Extended Learning Module G: Object-Oriented Technologies Chapter Eight: Protecting People and Information: Threats and Safeguards Extended Learning Module H: Computer Crime and Forensics Chapter Nine: Emerging Trends and Technologies: Business, People, and Technology Tomorrow Extended Learning Module I: Building an E-Portfolio Extended Learning Module J: Implementing a Database with Microsoft Access Extended Learning Module K: Title of XLM to come Glossary Notes Photo Credits Index