Management information systems for the information age (5th ed )

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Chapter One: The Information Age in Which you Live: Changing the Face of Business Extended Learning Module A: Computer Hardware and Software Chapter Two: Strategic and Competitive Opportunities: Using IT for Competitive Advantage Extended Learning Module B: The World Wide Web and the Internet Chapter Three: Database and Data Warehouses: Building Business Intelligence Extended Learning Module C: Designing Databases and Entity-Relationship Diagramming Chapter Four: Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence Extended Learning Module D: Decision Analysis with Spreadsheet Software Chapter Five: Electronic Commerce: Strategies for the New Economy Extended Learning Module E: Network Basics Chapter Six: Systems Development: Steps, Tools, and Techniques Extended Learning Module F: Building a Web Page with HTML Chapter Seven: IT Infrastructures: Business-Driven Technology Extended Learning Module G: Object-Oriented Technologies Chapter Eight: Protecting People and Information: Threats and Safeguards Extended Learning Module H: Computer Crime and Forensics Chapter Nine: Emerging Trends and Technologies: Business, People, and Technology Tomorrow Extended Learning Module I: Building an E-Portfolio Extended Learning Module J: Implementing a Database with Microsoft Access Extended Learning Module K: Title of XLM to come Glossary Notes Photo Credits Index