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Lower Extremity Soft Tissue & Cutaneous Plastic Surgery (2nd Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Lower Extremity Soft Tissue & Cutaneous Plastic Surgery

Since publication of the first edition, Lower Extremity Soft Tissue & Cutaneous Plastic Surgery has attracted wide acclaim for its superb illustrations, clear step-by-step approach, thoroughness and practicality. Progressing from basic information on instruments and principles of tissue handling through to complex techniques, no surgeon of the foot and ankle will want to be without this authoritative text which will aid in their recognition of conditions and provide a suitable method of treatment with the latest surgical techniques.

This second edition provides additional information regarding the current techniques of suturing, aseptic and sterile techniques, vascular anatomy, incisional and excisional procedures, cutaneous flaps and grafts as well as reconstructive and plastic surgical techniques. Four new chapters have been added along with numerous new photographs and illustrations. Emphasis is placed on plastic surgery techniques that are applicable on the foot, ankle and lower leg whenever possible.

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Chapter 1. Preoperative patient evaluation - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 2. Cutaneous anatomy and its surgical implications - Mary E Crawford

Chapter 3. Vascular anatomy and its surgical implications- John S Steinberg, Andrew J Meyr, Christopher E Attinger

Chapter 4. Surgical principles - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 5. Basic instruments and tissue handling - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 6. Anesthesia - Mary E Crawford

Chapter 7. Aseptic techniques - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 8. Hemostatic techniques - Mary E Crawford

Chapter 9. Suture materials and techniques - Dennis N Gusman

Chapter 10. Wound-healing properties - Mary E Crawford

Chapter 11. Digital medical photography - Christopher J Lamy

Chapter 12. Excisional techniques and procedures - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 13. Biopsy techniques - G Dock Dockery, Bradley W Bakotic

Chapter 14. Flap classification and survival factors - Mary E Crawford

Chapter 15. V-Y and Y-V plasty - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 16. Z and W skin plasty - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 17. Advancement and rotational flaps - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 18. Transpositional flaps - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 19. Skin grafts - Peter A Blume, Jonathan J Key

Chapter 20. Autografts, allografts and xenografts in cutaneous surgery - Mary E Crawford

Chapter 21. Soft tissue considerations in partial-foot amputations - Gary P Jolly, Thomas Zgonis

Chapter 22. The role of microsurgical-free flaps in foot and ankle surgery - Chris E Attinger, Mark W Clemens, Ivica Ducic, Eric B Unger, Lawrence B Colen

Chapter 23. The use of local muscle flaps in foot and ankle reconstruction - Chris E Attinger, Mark W Clemens, Mark M Levin, Charles Zelen

Chapter 24. Nail and periungual reconstruction - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 25. Digital procedures - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 26. Foot and ankle benign soft tissue masses - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 27. Surgical dressings - Mary E Crawford

Chapter 28. Scars - G Dock Dockery

Chapter 29. Negative pressure wound threapy in lower extremity reconstruction - Neal M Blitz, John S Steinberg

Chapter 30. Surgical complications and their treatments - Mary E Crawford

Chapter 31. Leg ulcer management - Carlos A Charles, Anna F Falabella, Adlolfo C Fernandez-Obregon

Chapter 32. Dressings and postoperative care - May Leveriza-Oh, Tania J Phillips


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