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Low dimensional structures in semiconductors from basic physics to applications (vol 281 in NATO ASI Ser. B, Phys. ), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1991 From Basic Physics to Applications Nato Science Series B: Series, Vol. 281

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Peaker A.R., Grimmeiss H.G.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Low dimensional structures in semiconductors from basic physics to applications (vol 281 in NATO ASI Ser. B, Phys. )
This volume contains a sequence of reviews presented at the NATO Advanced Study Institute on 'Low Dimensional Structures in Semiconductors ... from Basic Physics to Applications.' This was part of the International School of Materials Science and 1990 at the Ettore Majorana Centre in Sicily. Technology held in July Only a few years ago, Low Dimensional Structures was an esoteric concept, but now it is apparent they are likely to playa major role in the next generation of electronic devices. The theme of the School acknowledged this rapidly developing maturity.' The contributions to the volume consider not only the essential physics, but take a wider view of the topic, starting from material growth and processing, then prog­ ressing right through to applications with some discussion of the likely use of low dimensional devices in systems. The papers are arranged into four sections, the first of which deals with basic con­ cepts of semiconductor and low dimensional systems. The second section is on growth and fabrication, reviewing MBE and MOVPE methods and discussing the achievements and limitations of techniques to reduce structures into the realms of one and zero dimensions. The third section covers the crucial issue of interfaces while the final section deals with devices and device physics.
Concepts: The Valence Sub-Bands of Biased Semiconductor Heterostructures, R. Ferreira, et al. Impurities in Semiconductors, H.G. Grimmeiss, et al. Photoluminescence of 3D and Low Dimensional Systems, B. Hamilton. Growth and Fabrication: Fabrication of Artificially Layered IIIV Semiconductors by Beam Epitaxy and Aspects of Additional Lateral patterning, K. Ploog. Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy for the Growth of Semiconductor Structures and Strined Layers, M.R. Leys. Submicron Patterning Techniques for integrated Circuits, W. Beinvogl, et al. Quantum Wires and Dots: The Challenge to Fabrication Technology, S.P. Beaumont. Interfaces: Chemical Interfaces, Structure Properties and Relaxation, A. Ourmazd. CapacitanceVoltage Profiling of Multilayer Semiconductor Structures, J.S. Rimmer, et al. Devices: Concepts and Applications of Band Structure Engineering in Optoelectronics, M. Jaros. Optical Properties of Low Dimensional Structures for Applications to Lasers, Electro-Optic and NonLinear Optical Devices, C. Wesibuch. Hot Electron Devices, M. Heiblum. Hot Electrons and Degradation Effects in FET Devices, F. Koch. Index.

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