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Lectures, Tutorials and the Like, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1972 A Primer in the Techniques of Higher Scientific Education

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Lectures, Tutorials and the Like
are numerous in-depth studies of student learning processes but, let me confess it, I found these singularly unhelpful while nervously waiting to take the plunge. Consequently, my own advice is, frankly, downright earthyl Notwithstanding educational theorists (who are all-too­ frequently arts men), I take it as axiomatic that the existing pattern of lectures, tutorials, practicals, etc. , common throughout higher scientific education, will persist for some time to come. A special word of thanks is due to Pearline Daniels, not only for translating my scrawl into typescript, but for the many helpful noises made at appropriate times. Peter Hor­ robin also made many helpful comments. My thanks go to him and, indeed, to all those colleagues who had their say. Alan J. 'Walton April 1970 Contents v PREFACE 1 1 What they expect 2 Course planning 5 13 3 Lecture writing 4 The world premiere 21 5 On stage 31 6 The blackboard 41 7 Screened 49 8 Demonstrations 61 9 Tutorials 73 10 Seminars, colloquia, symposia, and such-like 83 11 Conferences 90 12 Facing the music 98 Bibliography 104 to all those who provoked me into taking up my pen CHAPTER I What they expect Come this September it will be nine years since we forsook the world. Three years squandered on a B. Se. , three years devoted to a Ph. D. , and three years honoured with a Fellow­ ship which is about to be terminated.
1 What they expect.- 2 Course planning.- 3 Lecture writing.- 4 The world première.- 5 On stage.- 6 The blackboard.- 7 Screened.- 8 Demonstrations.- 9 Tutorials.- 10 Seminars, colloquia, symposia, and such-like.- 11 Conferences.- 12 Facing the music.

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