Lange flash cards: microbiology and infectious diseases

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USMLE Road Map: Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Section I. Basic Bacteriology

1. Bacterial Structure and Function

2. Bacterial Growth, Nutrition, and Metabolism

3. Normal Flora, Pathogenic Mechanisms, and Host Defense

4. Bacterial Genetics

5. Mechanisms of Bacterial Control

6. Mechanisms of Resistance

Section II. Clinical Bacteriology

7. Gram Positive Rods

8. Gram Positive Cocci

9. Gram Negative Cocci

10. Gram Negative Rods

11. Anaerobic Bacterial

12. Spirochetes and Chlamydia

13. Rickettsial and Infections

14. Mycobacteria and Mycoplasms

Section III. Basic Virology

15. Virus Structure and Classification

16. Virus Replication

17. Viral Genetics

18. Viral Pathogenesis

19. Diagnostic Virology and Antiviral Therapy

Section IV. Clinical Virology

20. DNA Viruses

21. Negative Strand RNA Viruses

22. Positive Strand RNA Viruses

23. Double Strand RNA Viruses

24. Slow Viruses

25. Retroviruses

Section V. Mycology

26. Structure, Growth, and Laboratory Diagnosis

27. Fungal Pathogenesis and Host Defense

28. Prevention, Treatment, and Control

29. Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Mycoses

30. Systemic Mycoses

31. Opportunistic Mycoses

Section VI. Parasitology

32. Structure, Growth, and Laboratory Diagnosis

33. Parasitic Pathogenesis and Host Defense

34. Prevention, Treatment, and Control

35. Protozoan Infections

36. Worm Infections

Section VII. Infectious Diseases

37. Central Nervous System Infections

38. Gastrointestinal Tract Infections

39. Respiratory Tract Infections

40. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

41. Obstetric, Fetal, and Newborn Infections

42. Urinary Tract Infections

43. Vascular Infections

44. Skin, Bone, and Joint Infections

45. Eye, Ear, and Sinus Infections

46. Multisystem Infections

47. Infections and Cancer