Land treatment systems for municipal & industrial wastes

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A-Z guide to soil/plant/microbe-based wastewater treatment Engineers and planners eager to benefit from the cost efficiencies and convenience of land treatment of waste will find practical guidelines in this comprehensive manual. It covers soil hydraulics, vegetation selection, site selection, field investigations, preapplication treatment and storage, and transmission and distribution of wastewater. You're introduced to: -Design procedures and appropriate uses for each of the three land treatment processes: soils, plants, and microbiological agents -Special attributes of food processing wastewater, with 6 case studies -The use of biosolids produced by mechanical treatment systems as crop nutrients -Options for preapplication treatment, including ponds and constructed wetlands -Much more
Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1: Introduction to Land Application as a Treatment Process. Chapter 2: Basic Technology and Design Approach. Chapter 3: Wastewater Parameters and System Interactions. Chapter 4: Hydraulics of Soil Systems. Chapter 5: Vegetation as a Treatment Component. Chapter 6: Site Identification and Selection. Chapter 7: Field Investigation Procedures. Chapter 8: Preapplication Treatment and Storage. Chapter 9: Transmission and Distribution Systems. Chapter 10: Process Design - Slow Rate Systems. Chapter 11: Process Design - Overland Flow Systems. Chapter 12: Process Design - Rapid Infiltration Systems. Chapter 13: Industiral Wastewater Land Application. Chapter 14: Cost and Energy Considerations. Chapter 15: Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring. Chapter 16: Small-Scale Systems and Innovative Concepts. Chapter 17: Land Application of Biosolids. Appendix. Index.