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Labour market economics (5th ed )

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Labour market economics (5th ed )
This market leading text has undergone a both a major update and a pedagogical facelift. In preparing for this new edition the authors combed through each chapter and made the updating of information a major focus. They have also taken major steps in preparing the material in a more student friendly fashion. They have built in chapter summaries, provided practice questions and reduced the number of bibliographic entries. The addition of a student study guide provides even stronger student ties in the 5th edition.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Labour Market Economics

Chapter 2 Labour Supply: Individual Attachment to the Labour Market

Chapter 3 Labour Supply and Public Policy: Work Incentive Effects of Alternative Income Maintenance Schemes

Chapter 4 Labour Supply Over the Life-cycle

Chapter 5 Demand for Labour in Competitive Labour Markets

Chapter 6 Labour Demand, Nonwage Benefits, and Quasi-Fixed Costs

Chapter 7 Wages and Employment in a Single Labour Market

Chapter 8 Compensating Wage Differentials

Chapter 9 Human Capital Theory: Applications to Education and Training

Chapter 10 Wage Structures Across Markets

Chapter 11 The Economics of Immigration

Chapter 12 Discrimination and Male-Female Earnings Differentials

Chapter 13 Optimal Compensation Systems, Deferred Compensation, and Mandatory Retirement

Chapter 14 Union Growth and Incidence

Chapter 15 Wage and Employment Determination Under Collective Bargaining

Chapter 16 Union Impact on Wage and Nonwage Outcomes

Chapter 17 Unemployment Meaning and Measurement

Chapter 18 Unemployment: Causes and Consequences

Chapter 19 Wage Changes, Price Inflation, and Unemployment


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