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Jung and eastern thought : a dialogue with the Orient A Dialogue with the Orient

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Jung was fascinated by the east. Through his commentaries on such texts as the I Ching and The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and through his essays on such topics as Zen, meditation and the symbolism of the mandala, Jung attempted to build a bridge of understanding between western psychology and the ancient ideas and practices of eastern religion. By doing so he hoped to relate traditional eastern thought to modern western concerns. John Clarke's latest book seeks to uncover Jung's dialogue with the east.The book will appeal to all those who wish to broaden their understanding of Jung's thought as well as to those who value eastern ways of thinking and who believe that by engaging with it westerners have much to gain both intellectually and spiritually.
Acknowledgements. Introduction.,Sexuality in the 21st century: AdolescentsÔÇÖ behaviours and beliefs.,Theoretical approaches: Not just what, but why.,Changing hormones, changing bodies.,Parents and peers:,Shaping influences. The social context: From youth culture to globalization.,Gender, sexuality and romance.,Issues for gay and lesbian adolescents.,Sexually transmitted infections:,An increasing problem.,Having a baby:, Choices and outcomes. When sex is unwanted. Conclusion. References. Name index. Subject index.
Uncovering the seriousness and relevance of Jung's dialogue with east, John Clarke's book will appeal to all those who wish to broaden their understanding of Jung's thought as well as those who value eastern ways of thinking.

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