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IUTAM Symposium on Developments in Geophysical Turbulence, 2000 Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications Series, Vol. 58

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Kerr Robert M., Kimura Yoshifumi

Couverture de l’ouvrage IUTAM Symposium on Developments in Geophysical Turbulence
Turbulence is ubiquitous in nature, playing a role in a variety of geophysical problems and related flows. Topics that will be emphasized in the proceedings of Developments of Geophysical Turbulence are: the physics and mathematics of turbulence, atmospheric and oceanic turbulence, and historical developments. This symposium continued a long tradition for such symposia going back to the IUGG/IUTAM Symposium `Fundamental Problems in Turbulence and their Relation to Geophysics', Marseilles, 1961. Contributions to this volume were selected for their suitability to make this volume supplemental reading for a graduate course or to introduce those working in the geophysical and meteorological sciences to recent developments in our understanding of turbulence.
Preface. 1. A brief history of the Geophysical Turbulence Program at NCAR, J.R. Herring. 2. The meteorological development of large eddy simulation, D.K. Lilly. 3. Developments in high-Rayleigh number convection, R.W. Griffiths. 4. Direct numerical simulations of particle motion in relation to structure in the convective boundary layer, B. van Haarlem, T.M. Nieuwstadt. 5. Boundary sources of potential vorticity in geophysical circulations, R. Hallberg, P.B. Rhines. 6. Three-dimensional initiation of thermohaline fingering, E.M. Saiki, et al. 7. Aspects of stratified turbulence, H.J.S. Fernando. 8. Particle dispersion and vortex formation in rotating stratified turbulence, Y. Kimura, O. Metais. 9. Structural features of breaking waves in stratified flow over mountains, O. Eiff, P. Bonneton. 10. Vortex persistence, A.J. Cotel, R.E. Breidenthal. 11. Formation of tracer gradients in nearly two-dimensional flows, B.L. Hua, et al. 12. Evolution of a tracer gradient in an incompressible, two-dimensional flow, H. Segur. 13. Comments on `Evolution of a tracer gradient in an incompressible, two-dimensional flow' by Harvey Segur, B.L. Hua, et al. 14. Analytical model for vertical collapse and instability in stably stratified flows, A.J. Majda, et al. 15. Emergence of circumpolar vortex in two dimensional turbulence on a rotating sphere, Y.-Y. Hayashi, et al. 16. Direct laboratory simulations of 3D vortex structures in stably stratified rotating fluids, A.M. Fincham. 17. Statistics of coherent fine scale structure in turbulent mixing layer, M. Tanahashi, et al. 18. Structure and dynamics of small-scale turbulence in stably stratified homogeneous shear flows, P.J. Diamessis, K.K. Nomura. 19. Spectral eddy-viscosity based LES of shear and rotating flows, M. Lesieur, et al. 20. Entrainment and subgrid lengthscales in large-eddy simulations of atmospheric boundary-layer flows, B. Stevens, et al. 21. Extending Ludgren's transformation to construct stretched vortex solutions of the 3D Navier-Stokes and Euler equations, J.D. Gibbon. 22. A one-dimensional MHD model of solar flares: statistics or physics, S. Galtier, et al.

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