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Introductory Statistical Thermodynamics

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Introductory Statistical Thermodynamics

Introductory Statistical Thermodynamics is a text for an introductory one-semester course in statistical thermodynamics for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in physics and engineering. The book offers a high level of detail in derivations of all equations and results. This information is necessary for students to grasp difficult concepts in physics that are needed to move on to higher level courses. The text is elementary, self contained, and mathematically well-founded, containing a number of problems with detailed solutions to help students to grasp the more difficult theoretical concepts.

  • Beginning chapters place an emphasis on quantum mechanics
  • Includes problems with detailed solutions and a number of detailed theoretical derivations at the end of each chapter
  • Provides a high level of detail in derivations of all equations and results

Part I QUANTUM DESCRIPTION OF SYSTEMS 2 Introduction and Basic Concepts 3 Kinetic energy of Translational Motion 4 Energy of Vibrations 5 Kinetic Energy of Rotations Part II THERMODYNAMICS OF SYSTEMS 6 Number of accessible states and Entropy 7 Equilibrium States of Systems 8 Thermodynamic Variables 9 Macroscopic Thermodynamics 10 Variable Number of Particles Part III IDEAL AND NON-IDEAL GASES 11 Ideal Monoatomic Gases 12 Ideal Diatomic Gases 13 Non-ideal Gases 14 Quasi-static Thermodynamic Processes Part IV QUANTUM STATISTICAL PHYSICS 15 Quantum Distribution Functions 16 Electron Gases in Metals 17 Photon Gas in Equilibrium 18 Other examples of Boson Systems 19 Special Topics App Physical constants

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Ouvrage de 408 p.

17x24 cm

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