Introductory plant biology with olc bi-card (10th ed )

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This introductory text assumes little prior scientific knowledge on the part of the student. It includes sufficient information for some shorter introductory botany courses open to both majors and nonmajors, and is arranged so that certain sections can be omitted without disrupting the overall continuity of the course. Stern emphasizes current interests while presenting basic botanical principles
1 What Is Plant Biology? 2 The Nature of Life 3 Cells 4 Tissues 5 Roots and Soils 6 Stems 7 Leaves 8 Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds 9 Water in Plants 10 Plant Metabolism 11 Growth 12 Meiosis and Alternation of Generations 13 Genetics 14 Plant Breeding and Propagation 15 Evolution 16 Plant Names and Classification 17 Kingdom Bacteria, Kingdom Archaea, and Viruses 18 Kingdom Protista 19 Kingdom Fungi 20 Introduction to the Plant Kingdom: Brophytes 21 The Seedless Vascular Plants: Ferns and Their Relatives 22 Introduction to Seed Plants: Gymnosperms 23 Seed Plants: Angiosperms 24 Flowering Plants and Civilization 25 Ecology 26 Biomes Appendix 1 Scientific Names of Organisms Mentioned in the Text Appendix 2 Biological Controls Appendix 3 Useful and Poisonous Plants, Fungi, and Algae Appendix 4 House Plants and Home Gardening Appendix 5 Metric Equivalents and Conversion Tables