Introduction to the finite element method (2nd ed 1993 / ISE)

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The second edition is intended for the junior-senior-graduate level course in finite element method. This text includes a step-by-step, systematic approach to the formulation and analysis of differential and integral equations in variational forms for use as finite element methods.
1 Introduction 2 Integral Formulations and Variational Methods 3 Finite-Element Analysis of One-Dimensional Problems 4 Bending of Beams 5 Finite Element Error Analysis 6 Eigenvalue and Time Dependent Problems 7 Numerical Integration and Computer Implementation 8 Single Variable Problems 9 Interpolation Functions, Numerical Integration and Modeling Considerations 10 Plane Elasticity 11 Flows of Viscous Incompressible Fluids 12 Bending of Elastic Plates 13 Computer Implementation 14 Prelude to Advanced Topics