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Introduction to social psychology 5e (series: bps textbooks in psychology) (paperback)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Introduction to social psychology 5e (series: bps textbooks in psychology) (paperback)
''This revised version of An Introduction to Social Psychology edited by Miles Hewstone, Wolfgang Stroebe and Klaus Jonas offers a uniquely broad view of social psychology. The book is at the same time both mainstream in its coverage and novel in its perspective. It is a volume that has international appeal, drawing from a range of scientific findings and contemporary illustrations of their social significance. Renowned authors bring deep expertise and unusual insight to each chapter. Every chapter skillfully bridges classic work with the latest, cutting-edge advances in the area. The chapters are written in a highly accessible way, consistent in level and structure, and are well-organized thematically. Together, the fifteen chapters in the volume tell an engaging and comprehensive story about the field of social psychology.''
-John F. Dovidio, Department of Psychology, Yale University, USA

''The new edition of this classic textbook is very welcome. Hewstone and colleagues have made excellent improvements in coverage and pedagogical features, consolidating continual development of this text since the first edition nearly 25 years ago. Students will enjoy the style, find it easy to learn from, and be pleased that it retains its approach as a serious textbook. Instructors will find that its clear structure, comprehensiveness and reader-friendliness makes it a pleasure to teach from.''
-Dominic Abrams, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Kent, UK

''This is simply a must-read collection of chapters for students of social psychology.''
-C. Neil Macrae, School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, UK

This is the fifth, completely revised and updated edition of an introductory social psychology text that has had huge success in Europe and across the globe. It has been specially designed to meet the needs of students at all levels, with contributions written by leading social psychologists, each an acknowledged expert on the topics covered in a given chapter. An Introduction to Social Psychology benefits hugely from an updated range of innovative pedagogical features intended to catch the imagination, combined with a rigorous editorial approach, which results in a cohesive and uniform style accessible to all. Each chapter addresses both major theories and key studies, showing how the relevant field of research has developed over time and linking classic and contemporary perspectives. While maintaining the features that have contributed to its acclaim, the fifth edition has been extensively adapted and rewritten to cover everything a student of the discipline will need, including:

  • Full coverage of all the major theories and topics
  • Focused discussions of important research studies and the implications of their findings
  • Descriptions of real-life application of theory and research are presented throughout in the 'Social Psychology Beyond the Lab' feature
  • 'Individual Differences' boxes with illustrative items from scales used to measure variables discussed in the chapters
  • Clear conclusions, further reading and learning questions to track your progression
  • Concise biographies of 'Leaders in the Field', both classic and contemporary scholars from across the globe who have had a major impact on their research area
1. Introducing Social Psychology

2. Research Methods

3. Social Perception and Attribution

4. Social Cognition

5. The Self

6. Attitudes: Content, Structure and Functions

7. Strategies of Attitude and Behaviour Change

8. Social Influence

9. Aggression

10. Prososcial Behaviour

11. Affiliation, Attraction and Close Relationships

12. The Psychology of Groups: Basic Principles

13. Group Performance and Leadership

14. Prejudice and Intergroup Relations

15. Cultural Social Psychology

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Ouvrage de 512 p.

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