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Internet Business Models rigorously analyzes the different business models employed by Internet companies. The book examines eight Internet business models: access providers, portals, content providers, retailers, brokers, market makers, networked utility providers, and application service providers. Each chapter describes the value proposition offered by companies that pursue a given model, the factors that drive their revenues, costs, and profits, and the key strategy decisions that confront companies pursuing the model, e.g., whether to pursue aggressive growth strategies, whether to diversify. Supporting each chapter are case studies (23 total) of Internet companies written during 1999/2000 by professors at the Harvard Business School.
INTERNET ACCESS PROVIDERS 1. Tele-Communications, Inc.: Accelerating Digital Deployment (Thomas Eisenmann) 2.Geocast Network Systems, Inc. (Thomas Eisenmann, Christina Darwall, Elizabeth Kind) 3. Teledesic (Thomas Eisenmann, Daniel Green, Doug Rogers) [CD ROM bound into volume] ONLINE PORTALS 4. Yahoo!: Business on Internet Time (Jan Rivkin, Jay Girotto) 5. StarMedia: Launching a Latin American Revolution (Thomas Eisenmann, Jon Rust) 6. Tellme Networks, Inc. (Thomas Eisenmann, Nicole Tempest) ONLINE CONTENT PROVIDERS 7. (Thomas Eisenmann, Jon Rust) 8. CNET 2000 (Thomas Eisenmann, Pauline Fischer) 9. (Thomas Eisenmann, Pauline Fischer) 10. BMG Entertainment (Jan Rivkin, Gerrit Meier) ONLINE RETAILERS 11. (Joanna Jacobson, Thomas Eisenmann, Gillian Morris) 12. (Thomas Eisenmann) 13. (Thomas Eisenmann, Charmaine Ess, Ann O'Hara) ONLINE BROKERS 14. DLJdirect: "Putting Our Reputation Online" (Thomas Eisenmann, Gillian Morris) 15. Carpoint in 1999 (Thomas Eisenmann, Gillian Morris) 16. Rosenbluth International and (Roger Hallowell) 17. Wit Capital: Evolution of the Online Investment Bank (A) and (B) (Roger Hallowell,Tonicia Hampton) ONLINE MARKET MAKERS 18. Priceline Webhouse Club (Thomas Eisenmann, Jon Rust) 19. (Thomas Eisenmann) 20. (Roger Hallowell, Abby Hansen) NETWORKED UTILITY PROVIDERS 21. Adobe Systems Incorporated (Mary Tripsas) APPLICATION SERVICE PROVIDERS 22. Everdream (Roger Hallowell, Christina Darwall) 23. DoubleTwist, Inc. (Joseph Bower, Christina Darwall)