International politics on the world stage, brief edition with olc (6th ed )

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This concise text provides students and instructors with the most current information available, inviting them to explore international relations and its new challenges in a straightforward, accessible way. A hallmark of the text is its position that international relations do matter to students and that the individual can have an impact on international relations.
1. Thinking and Caring about World Politics 2. The Evolution of World Politics 3. Levels of Analysis 4. Nationalism 5. Globalization and Transnationalism 6. National States: the Traditional Structure 7. International Organization: An Alternative Structure 8. National Power and Diplomacy: The Traditional Approach 9. International Law and Morality: An Alternative Approach 10. Pursuing Security 11. Globalization in the World Economy 12. Global Economic Competition and Cooperation 13. Preserving and Enhancing Human Rights and Dignity 14. Preserving and Enhancing the Global Commons